Google Goes Font Crazy, Adds 450 To Google Docs

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Tired of Arial, Times New Roman and Courier? Google wants to spruce up your documents with 450 new fonts. "Often the best way to get your point across is to present your idea in a creative, captivating way," they say in a blog post. "Today, we added over 450 new fonts to Google documents to make it easier for you to add a little something extra to whatever you create."

Fun. Luckily, your font menu within Google Docs wont have all 450+ fonts listed, as that would be simply overwhelming. All you have to do is click "add fonts" within the font menu dropdown. There, you'll be taken to Google's web font database where you can select which new fonts you want to add to your menu.

450 new fonts google docs

In the Google Docs blog post, they also detail some of the updates from the month of April that you may have missed. First, inserting images into your documents has gotten a little better. Now you can insert images directly from Google Drive, straight from the LIFE photo archive, as well as photos from your webcam.

Not only that, but there are now 60+ new templates available in the gallery.

Google has really been busy improving Google Docs as of late. In March, they made PDFs and Image text searchable, and they also added Google search spell check support. Google Docs also became a core part of Google+ Hangouts recently, a move that is sure to be popular in offices everywhere.

All of these improvements and integrations are part of the company's "Go Google" campaign that centered around the launch of their Google Drive cloud storage service. The collaborative editing feature was the focal point of this amazing web ad starring Hall and Oates:

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