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Malaysia Airlines Flight Simulator News Update

We told you recently that investigators had finished their comb-through of all the passengers of flight MH370. The police Inspector-General had determined that there was no reason to suspect anyone with a ticket of hijacking, sabotage, psychological, or personal problems that might have led to the disappearance of the airliner. However, we did note that the cabin crew, pilot and …

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Malaysia Airlines: Deleted Flight Files Now Sought

As the hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continues, one of the avenues of investigation centers around the fact that the captain of the flight, one Zaharie Ahmad Shah, had a flight simulator in his home. While this is not necessarily proof of anything, nor even all that unusual, investigators have looked further into what sort of simulations Shah may …

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Google Earth Flight Simulator; Or, Why I Shouldn’t Be A Pilot

Occasionally, no matter how confident you are in your general skills with manipulating new devices or environments, sometimes your intuition is not enough and you must open up to swallow a mouthful of humble pie. While this is not something I particularly enjoy, two things I do enjoy is aviation and Google Earth. I am neither a pilot nor a …

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Battlestar Galactica Viper Simulator May Become Reality

Along with today’s announcement of the Blood & Chrome trailer, the well-known sci-fi show of Battlestar Galactica is also making news thanks to five high school students. John Boyer, Alex Jacobson, Joseph DeRose, Sam Frank, and Sam DeRose are five high school students that have stepped up to the challenge to make a flight simulator based off of the Viper …

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Microsoft Flight Available Now, Free To Play

Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the most venerated simulation franchises in gaming. The newest game, Microsoft Flight, was announced as a free-to-play game to be released this Spring. Microsoft apparently thinks the end of February is close enough to Spring and released the game yesterday according to the game’s official blog. The game was built to appeal to long …

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Microsoft Flight, The Next-Gen Flight Simulator, Free This Spring

Today, Microsoft announced the Spring launch of Microsoft Flight, the continuation of the Flight Simulator franchise, or as they put it, “bringing a new perspective” to the long-standing series. Microsoft Flight Simulator, whether you call it a game or a tutorial program, is one of the most recognizable programs from the last few decades of PCs. It has been through …

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