Malaysia Airlines: Deleted Flight Files Now Sought

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As the hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continues, one of the avenues of investigation centers around the fact that the captain of the flight, one Zaharie Ahmad Shah, had a flight simulator in his home. While this is not necessarily proof of anything, nor even all that unusual, investigators have looked further into what sort of simulations Shah may have been running to see if they give any clues that might help the investigation.

For example, if one theory - that Shah hijacked his flight and took it somewhere else - were given credence, he may have practiced his plan in his own flight simulator.

However, according to the Associated Press, Malaysian authorities are now saying that they have found that there were files deleted from the simulator data storage on February 3. Again, this is not necessarily unusual. Like anyone who uses a computer, Shah may have needed to delete old files simply to make room on his hard drive.

But investigators are leaving no stone unturned in this hunt.

Hopefully that means they will also be chasing the theory put forth by pilot Chris Goodfellow, a shockingly simple explanation of what may have happened to the flight, that we reported on earlier.

And, just for good measure, they should look at Courtney Love's scrawl on Facebook.

Authorities do say that Shah's family is cooperating with their investigation. They also say that they have checked out almost every passenger listed as flying on Flight 370.

Malaysia's defense minister said, "So far, no information of significance on any passengers has been found."

One thing that could be impeding the investigation is the willingness of surrounding countries to contribute what their own defense systems may have picked up for fear of revealing their own capabilities. This is theorized to be why Thailand withheld information for ten days, only revealing it after it was already discovered through other means.

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