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Flash Player Updater Is Now Less Annoying Flash Player Updater Is Now Less Annoying
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We reported this morning on the new Flash Player 11.2 update that’s beneficial to developers, especially for games. None of that really affected the end user of Flash though. There was another update brought along with Flash 11.2 that does. …

Flash Player 11 Comes To Android Ice Cream Sandwich (Galaxy Nexus) Flash Player 11 Comes To Android Ice Cream Sandwich (Galaxy Nexus)
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Flash may be going away for mobile, but not just yet. Adobe just launched Flash Player 11 for Ice Cream Sandwich in the Android Market. This, of course, comes a day after the launch of the Galaxy Nexus, which runs …

Adobe Flash For Mobile, 750 Jobs To Go By the Wayside Adobe Flash For Mobile, 750 Jobs To Go By the Wayside

Adobe dropped the bomb that it is basically giving up on mobile Flash development, while increasing its investments in HTML5. You may recall the big back and fourth between Adobe and Apple over Flash last year. Remember the famous letter …

Adobe Edge Launched in Preview – HTML5 Flash-Like Web Design Adobe Edge Launched in Preview – HTML5 Flash-Like Web Design

Adobe has unveiled a preview release of a new HTML5 animation tool that is designed to let web designers bring Flash-like content to sites using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It’s called Adobe Edge. The company says it’s adopting an open …

Convert SWF Files to HTML5 with Swiffy Convert SWF Files to HTML5 with Swiffy
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Google just launched a new Google Labs project called “Swiffy“. It converts Flash SWF files to HTML5. It lets you reuse Flash content on devices without a Flash player (ie: iPhones and iPads). You may recall a similar tool from …

Flash Users Double HTML5 Users Flash Users Double HTML5 Users
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Infographics are an “in” thing right now, because, let’s face it, it’s hard not love visually-appealing graphics that offer a clean presentation of the information in question. In this case, the subject under scrutiny has to do with web file …

Google Instant Previews Now Support Flash Google Instant Previews Now Support Flash
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Back in November, Google launched its Instant Previews feature for search results, which allow users to view a preview of a site before actually clicking on it to visit it. I’m curious as to how often these actually get used, …

Flash to HTML5 Converter from Adobe Flash to HTML5 Converter from Adobe
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Adobe Labs has released a tool for converting Flash FLA files to HTML5. The tool, called “Wallaby“, is simply a preview of an experimental technology that Adobe’s engineers have been working on for this purpose. “This allows you to reuse …

Adobe Launches New Flash Media Server Family
Adobe has made some announcements at IBC 2010 in Amsterdam. The biggest is Flash Media Server 4

"The release of Flash Media Sever 4 software changes the game for the delivery of rich interactive media," says David Wadhwani, SVP of Creative and Interactive Solutions at Adobe.

Chrome Stable Release Gets Built-in Flash Player

Google has enabled Flash Player integration in the stable release of its Chrome browser.

What the Display Ad Landscape Looks Like in the U.S.

comScore has revealed some findings on display ads in the U.S. Flash and rich media ads account for 40% of impressions, according to the firm’s report. JPEG ads led the market with over 42% of impressions in the U.S., while "leaderboard"-style banner ads (728 x 90) were the most commonly viewed display ad by size.

Chrome Incorporates Flash Player
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Google’s support of Flash, while never a secret, is now very much a matter of public record.  The latest stable version of Chrome – 5.0.375.86, if you’re keeping track – includes Flash and even has it programmed to start "on."

Adobe Launches Flash Player 10.1 for Mobile

Adobe announced today that Flash Player 10.1 for mobile is now available, saying that it has been redesigned from the ground up with new performance and mobile-specific features.

This is the first release that brings the full Web across desktops and devices, the company says.

The First Rule Of Dot War: You Do Not Tweet About Dot War
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Have you ever found yourself wondering if your Twitter icon could beat another in a pixel battle royale? Sure, we all have at one point or another… but now, thanks to Dot War, you can battle it out with other Twitter icons.

With whom are you going to have your Twitter icon do battle? Let us know.

Steve Jobs Talks More About Not Supporting Flash
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Steve Jobs starred in the latest episode of the soap opera about Adobe, Apple, and the future of Flash. He appeared at the All Things Digital  D8 Conference, discussing a variety of topics, but of course the subject of Flash came up.

Adobe Talks Future Innovation with Both Flash and HTML5
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There were a lot of announcements to take in during Google I/O last week, but among them were some HTML5 efforts from Adobe, illustrating the company’s dedication to utilizing the technologies it sees playing significant roles in the future of the web.

Adobe Announces HTML5 Solution at Google I/O

We’re out at Google I/O in San Francisco, and Adobe announced here that a new HTML5 solution is immediately available to web designers and developers. This comes in the form of an HTML5 Pack extension to Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, the recently launched version of the company’s HTML authoring, web design program.

Adobe Vs. Apple: Whose Side Are You On?
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It’s no secret that Adobe and Apple have been exchanging quite the back and fourth lately. Steve Jobs put out his letter about not using Flash on Apple’s devices, and Adobe fired back.

Essentially, the skinny of it is that Apple will not support Flash, as it considers HTML5 to be the way forward, and Adobe thinks its Flash technology is as relevant as ever, and will continue to be.

Adobe Intros New Flash Video Monetization Tools
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Adobe announced the availability of Flash Access 2.0 today at the Streaming Media East 2010 Conference. This is a content protection solution that enables the distribution and monetization of premium video content. The company is also showcasing HTTP Dynamic Streaming, a new protocol support for media streaming on the Flash Platform, and the Open Source Media Framework, aimed at accelerating the development of custom media players.

Google, Adobe May Bring Together Chrome, Flash

Google and Adobe may be set to grow a lot closer.  A new report claims that the two companies will announce a partnership tomorrow, and that the deal will entail some form of bundling between Chrome and Flash.

Adobe Teams With Salesforce on New Flash Builder

Adobe and Salesforce.com have partnered to launch the Adobe Flash Builder for force.com, which Adobe says increases developer productivity for creating rich Internet applications in the cloud. The product can be used to enhance existing Salesforce CRM implementations and custom-built Force.com apps, or build new apps altogether.