Learn How To Use Stage3D In Flash 11

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Flash 11 introduced a new development architecture called Stage3D that allows developers to bring "stunning visuals across desktop browsers and iOS and Android apps enabling advanced 2D and 3D capabilities." The technology allowed one creator to make some incredible interactive projects.

Peter Shand cooperated with three organizations - RESN, Circul8 and Imagination - in 2012 to create various interactive video projects using Flash 11, Stage3D and other technologies. The results are exceptional:

To pull this off, Shand worked with Flash 11's Stage3D and its Away3D library. The Away3D library is a free resource for Flash developers, and it can be used to create rich and immersive interactive experiences like the ones you see above.

Away3D is part of the Adobe Gaming SDK that was released last year, which includes Starling, Feathers and, of course, Away3D. To learn more about implementing Away3D, check out this tutorial from Away 3D co-founder Rob Bateman:

Another integral tool is the Starling 2D framework that allows developers to create hardware accelerated content. To learn more about Starling, check out this tutorial series that goes into how Starling can be used to create a game from start to finish:

If you want to get started on Adobe Flash development, especially for games, Adobe offers a free trial for its game developer tools on Creative Cloud.