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Robert Redford Talks Government Shutdown

What do you call a person who uses belligerent language and demagogy to demonize and stigmatize the opposition while contributing zero ideas to solve the tsunami of American debt? What do you call a person who lectures the 99% to cough up more of their hard earned money to finance the parasites in Washington DC, while sitting on a cool …

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Social Security Increase Lowest in Decades as Inflation Ravages US Dollar

Millions of Social Security recipients and disabled veterans will receive the smallest benefits increase since 1975, when automatic increases were adopted to offer a shield against price inflation, according to an analysis by The Associated Press. The benefits will increase by roughly 1.5 percent, against price inflation of almost 10%, when measured using more forthright methods employed by the Federal …

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Here’s President Obama Tweeting from the White House [VIDEO]

Earlier this week, President Obama took to Twitter so answer a few questions about the so-called “Fiscal Cliff” that has Republicans and Democrats throwing barbs in Washington. And today, the White House posted a behind the scenes look the Q&A session on their YouTube page. If you think that the President wasn’t really tweeting out his answers, well, here’s some …

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