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Government Shutdown: What to Expect

Since Congress was unable to agree on the fiscal near-future, it’s looking likely that the government will grind to a screeching halt. As complex as the process is, and as unpredictable as it may be (Congress may reach a last-minute agreement unbeknownst to the public), government programs have begun to identify areas that need to remain in operation. Any workers …

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Mitch McConnell & Ted Cruz: How Do We Defund Obamacare?

The Washington Examiner reported on Monday that Kentucky Senator and Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said that he would not support Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in their efforts to filibuster a resolution that would defund Obamacare. Consequently, because House Republicans sponsored the resolution that Cruz and Lee want to filibuster, a distinct possibility exists that the government will …

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Rand Paul’s Filibuster Nets Him 40,000+ Twitter Followers

On Wednesday (and into early Thursday), Kentucky Junior Senator Rand Paul led a 13-hour filibuster – the old-fashioned “talk until you can’t talk anymore” type. Paul, aided by a handful of other Senators, used exactly 12 hours and 52 minutes to delay the confirmation of John Brennan as CIA head. Paul stated that the filibuster was in response to the …

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