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Wilmer Valderrama Called ‘Perfect’ by Demi Lovato

Wilmer Valderrama and Demi Lovato have never flaunted their relationship in the limelight until recently. In fact, it’s still kind of rare that the two appear together in front of the paparazzi. That’s why it’s such a surprise to fans of both to learn that Demi called Wilmer her ‘perfect’ boyfriend in a recent Instagram post. The Heart Attack singer …

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Monster Hunter Is Free For PlayStation Plus Members This Week

Has your PS Vita or PSP felt a little lonely lately? Well, it won’t be lonely anymore if you happen to be a PlayStation Plus member and a fan of monster slaying. Sony announced this morning that this week’s PlayStation Plus update will feature only one new addition – Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. The title was originally released on the …

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‘Fez’ Coming to PlayStation Consoles in March

It’s another week and Sony is once again announcing the release date for an indie game that is coming to the PlayStation 4. This time the game is one of the most-talked about indie games of the past two years. Fez is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita on March 25. Fez, is the 2D/3D platformer that …

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‘Fez’ Has Now Sold One Million Copies

Fez was one of the most widely praised indie games of 2012. The puzzle game’s inventive 2-D/3-D platforming were intriguing enough for Fez to win numerous awards, but a meta-game involving a secret language and math significantly raised the level of puzzle-solving skills needed to complete the game’s true ending. This week Polytron Corporation, the indie developer behind Fez, announced …

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GDC 2012: Fez Takes Home Top Award At IGF

While the main event of the Game Developers Conference is the Game Developers Choice Awards, the Independent Games Festival Awards are just as important. Indie games are the lifeblood of the industry and recognizing them for the work they accomplish in the gaming industry is super important. The IGF awards are always more unexpected than what we see at the …

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GDC 2012: Japanese Developer Openly Mocked During Panel

The Game Developers Conference is a place where those who work in the games industry can collaborate and work towards a brighter future in the games industry. This usually infers that the event is pretty positive, but things got downright nasty Monday night. Develop is reporting that Phil Fish, an indie developer working on the constantly delayed platformer Fez, took …

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