'Fez' Coming to PlayStation Consoles in March

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It's another week and Sony is once again announcing the release date for an indie game that is coming to the PlayStation 4. This time the game is one of the most-talked about indie games of the past two years. Fez is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita on March 25.

Fez, is the 2D/3D platformer that impressed critics and fans in 2012 with its interesting puzzle mechanics involving a bit more thought and detective work than the average video game puzzle. The game has already sold over one million copies across the Xbox 360 and PC platforms.

The PlayStation versions of Fez have been ported by developer BiltWorks. It's unclear what role the game's original studio, Polytron, is playing in the PlayStation release. Fez creator Phil Fish rage quit the video game industry last year, halting development on Fez 2 shortly before the PlayStation versions of Fez were announced. Fish and Fez were famously featured in the documentary Indie Game: The Movie.

The launch trailer for Fez is still relevant to its PlayStation debut and shows why Fez is so lauded without spoiling too many secrets:

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