Kristin Cavallari Talks Motherhood and Fashion

Kristin Cavallari Talks Motherhood and Fashion

By Sean Patterson September 12, 2014

The new NFL season has begun, but reality TV star Kristin Cavallari has plenty to do besides cheering on her husband, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. Cavallari gave birth to the couple’s second child in May and quickly transformed her …

Yahoo Adds New Features To Fantasy Football Yahoo Adds New Features To Fantasy Football

Yahoo announced that it has some new features for fantasy football this year. This is the company’s fifteenth year of offering fantasy football, and they’re offering fans the ability to make money by competing in the Yahoo Pro Leagues, which …

NFL.com Fantasy Football Gets Hangouts Integration NFL.com Fantasy Football Gets Hangouts Integration

Can you smell it? The smell of beer, pizza, and freshly-washed team jerseys. It’s almost football season, baby. And with the start of the NFL season in September comes the start of fantasy football. Soon, millions of fans will crunch …

MTV Turning 2012 Election into Fantasy Game MTV Turning 2012 Election into Fantasy Game


Who doesn’t love fantasy football? Everybody has a team these days, even my grandma. But imagine a fantasy game where instead of having a roster of Manning, Peterson and Fitzgerald you have one of Obama, Boehner and McConnell. That’s what …

Fantasy Football Visits Reach 3-Year High Fantasy Football Visits Reach 3-Year High

Visits to fantasy football sites are the highest they’ve been in three years, according to new data from Experian Hitwise. Some interesting stats, as shared by the firm in an email: The NFL lockout may have shortened the normal buildup …

iPad Fantasy Football Courtesy of Yahoo iPad Fantasy Football Courtesy of Yahoo

Yahoo announced this week that its Fantasy Football offerings will be available across four screens, including the tablet (iPad). The others would be: PC, TV and smartphone. Yahoo’s fantasy football platform attracted 5 million players in 2010, when mobile Fantasy …

NFL.com And Bloomberg Launch Fantasy Football App

The NFL has partnered with Bloomberg to introduce “Decision Maker,” an online fantasy football application that uses Bloomberg’s analytic tool to help NFL fantasy football players pick their best starting line up each week.

“Our goal in re-launching the NFL.com Fantasy game was to provide our fans the best possible fantasy football experience,” said Hans Schroeder, Vice President of Media Strategy and Development for the NFL.

Yahoo Settles Lawsuit With NFL

Yahoo and the NFL Players Association have reached a settlement over the use of players’ statistics, images and other information in Yahoo’s fantasy football games.

Yahoo sued the NFLPA last month arguing it should not have to pay additional royalties to use players’ data in its fantasy football games because the information is publicly available.

CBS Says It Will Pass On NFL Licensing Fees
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CBS Sports has filed a lawsuit against the NFL Players Association in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis over the use of NFL players statistics for fantasy football league.

The lawsuit says that CBS Interactive, a division of CBSSports.com, is seeking a declaratory judgment that it has the rights to fantasy football statistics that are publicly available.

Search Focuses On Fantasy Football

First off, my title may have unintentionally tricked you; this article revolves around what the Brits call “football,” but what we Americans identify as “soccer.”  Sorry, NFL fans.  But followers of the English Premier League have come to the right place, and it’s actually their search activity that has caused all the buzz.

Yahoo Sports Kicks Off Fantasy Football

Yahoo Sports is starting off the 2007 fantasy football season with a user generated contest searching for the most inventive touchdown celebration.

Fantasy Games Online

On Friday last week, there was a great piece by Julia Beizer in the Washington Post Express about a different category of fantasy games that offer an alternative to Fantasy Football.