Robot Writers Are Taking Over Your Fantasy Football Recaps

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The next time that your flex player makes a last second reception to clinch the victory over your fantasy football nemesis, there's a good chance that you'll be able to read a write-up of the game constructed by a robot.

Machine-generated content is nothing new. Companies have been producing articles churned out by artificial intelligence for years. We've told you about Narrative Science, a robotic content farm that produces articles from a variety of sources (including social media). We've also talked to Automated Insights, the content generator at the center of this story.

According to All Things D, Automated Insights has inked a deal to produce millions of fantasy football related articles for various league operators, including the likes of Yahoo. Automated Insights claims that they will "write" over 50 million articles this season alone across the various fantasy football providers.

So, what kinds of stories with the robot writers be producing? Fantasy matchup summaries, mostly - recaps of fantasy contests that tell the stories like "The DirtyBirds steal win from SparkleMotion." These automated stories will include stats, of course, but will also be written in a way that mimics an article written by a human.

You can check out a sample fantasy story below. It ain't Hemingway, but it definitely gets the job done (especially for something like fantasy football).

automated insights yahoo

Automated Insights has already been in the sports content business, as they've maintained the StatSheet network. Back in 2011, they launched NFL coverage across individual team sites, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and email newsletters. StatSheet is powered by over 2 billion statistics that their artificial intelligence technology combs through to generate articles.

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