Adrian Peterson Plans to Play on Sunday

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Fans of the Minnesota Vikings will be happy to hear that Adrian Peterson may play in Sunday's game as long as he is able to attend Friday's practice. The running back experienced the brunt of a brutal tackle earlier this week.

According to Coach Leslie Frazier, "He can do things that most can't, in terms of coming back from injuries. We were walking up the stairs a few minutes ago, and I said, 'Hey, what do you think?' He said, 'I'll be ready, Coach. Don't worry about me.' That's Adrian."

However, Frazier did add that he thinks Toby Gerhart will be more likely than Peterson to play in Sunday's game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Both players were injured during last Sunday's game against the Baltimore Ravens. Gerhart strained his hamstring, but is "far enough along" that Coach Frazier is hopeful he will be able to play.

The possibility of playing is not quite as optimistic for Peterson who sprained the midsection of his foot when Arthur Brown tackled him during the second quarter. MRI test results showed that no sustainable damage occurred from the tackle. Peterson has already vocalized his desire to play with his team in the upcoming game. Many are enthusiastic that this will be the case.

Meanwhile, the athlete has been tweeting about the reception he received while playing against the Baltimore Ravens where he was pelted with snowballs. Though nobody would expect fans to cheer for an opposing team, did supporters of the Ravens go too far?

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons and Courtesy of Mike Morbeck]

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