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Google Speaks Out Against Righthaven In Court

The last time we checked in with the Righthaven saga, righthaven.com had just been sold in a domain auction, as Righthaven struggled to pay legal costs and fines. Now, when you go to righthaven.com, you are greeted with the image above. Any guesses as to what this is about? Interestingly, Google appeared in court, and spoke out against Righthaven on …

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Righthaven Domain Sold In Auction

We recently reported that Righthaven.com was up for auction on Snapnames, and it has now sold. And not for much. It ended up going for $3,300. That’s unfortunate for Righthaven, seeing as how they’ve been ordered to pay about $60,000 more in court. For Righthaven, commonly referred to as a “copyright troll,” having to auction off its domain was rather …

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