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Pingdom: Facebook Could Be Bigger Than Any Country On Earth By 2016

Pingdom has put together some stats and charts today with the goal of proving that Facebook may be able to become the biggest “country” on the planet (in terms of population) by the year 2016. Noting that Facebook already overtook the U.S. three years ago, Pingdom points out that China and India are still ahead of the social network. Stats …

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A Visual Tour Of Facebook’s One Billion Users

Mark Zuckerberg took over my Facebook feed last week to announce that the social network had reached one billion users. It was a long time coming, but one in seven people on this planet are now connected via a single social network. It’s a pretty big deal (enough for Facebook to create their first TV ad), but just how big …

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Facebook Power Users [Infographic]

Who are the most active Facebook users? What are they doing with all that time they spend on the site? How many fall into this category? This next inforgraphic from answers all those questions and more. It’s packed with interesting details about what a power user really looks like. To define what a power user is, think of them …

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