Facebook Power Users [Infographic]

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Who are the most active Facebook users? What are they doing with all that time they spend on the site? How many fall into this category? This next inforgraphic from Demandforce.com answers all those questions and more. It's packed with interesting details about what a power user really looks like.

To define what a power user is, think of them as the most active users. According to the graphic, about 20 to 30% of all Facebook users fall in this category. What are they doing with their time on the site? They send friend requests, comment on other's posts, tag friends in photos, "like" things, send messages, and provide status updates. Sounds pretty typical to me.

This particular group is more likely to join groups, to get involved politically, and to influence how others might vote in an election. If you need a social media expert, these are great people to have on your side. If you're a Facebook fan, take a look at this graphic and wee if you fit in the power user category. Check it out:

most active facebook users

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