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Pope Drops F Bomb Accidentally During Speech

The Pope may need to ask for forgiveness from God and everyone else who heard his recent speech. While in the middle of giving the weekly blessing at the Vatican, Pope Francis accidentally dropped the F Bomb. Pope Francis was trying to say the word “caso,” which means “case” in Italian, but said “cazzo,” which is the Italian equivalent of …

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Pope Francis Drops Italian Equivalent of F-Bomb

Pope Francis dropped what is known as the Italian equivalent of the F-bomb during his Sunday address from the Vatican. While some are likely still sitting aghast at the pope’s potty mouth, this will likely serve to make the pontiff even more popular with young people. It was actually a slip of the tongue–the marring of an Italian pronunciation–that changed …

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Dan Aykroyd Drops F-Bomb After Leaving Interview

Dan Aykroyd was not too happy during an interview with Ellen Fanning from The Observer Effect. Dan was reportedly overheard on the streets outside the studio where the interview took place saying, “f…ing hosebag” about Fanning. What had the interviewer done to enrage the wrath of the popular actor? Ellen Fanning apparently would not let Dan Aykroyd discuss his new …

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