Sarah Hyland Poked Fun At Herself After Tripping At 'Teen Choice Awards'

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The 2015 Teen Choice Awards was a memorable night for Sarah Hyland who tripped and inadvertantly dropped the "f-bomb" on camera.

The star of the Modern Family together with Pitch Perfect’s Skylar Austin were the first presenters of the August 16 event held at Galen Center, Los Angeles. The 24-year-old actress accidentally tripped while making her way on the stage.

Hyland was clearly surprised and blurted out the f-word. Upon realizing what she had said, she covered her mouth, embarrassed.

But Hyland was quick to own up to her clumsiness, "I do that sometimes, guys. I’m awkward."

Austin, her co-presenter explained that it could be "performance jitters" as they were the first presenters at the event. The young star was seemingly not at all affected by the embarrassing incident. On her Twitter, she poked fun at herself.

The actress, despite her clumsiness, made a point about the importance of social media.

She told FOX411 before she went on stage, "Social media for me, I think it can be open outlets to bullying, to criticism, to judgmental people but I think the great thing about it and what kids should learn to use it is for spreading the word. To be able to share things you are passionate about, share things like pictures of things that you love, of foundations you care about. I think it’s a really great outlet for kids and I think the only thing that they need to do is find their inner voice and power through social media."

The 2015 Teen Choice Awards was a success in general. The audience got to witness special performances from the music industry’s hottest artists including 5 Seconds of Summer, Robin Thicke, Flo Rida and Little Mix.

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