Dan Aykroyd Drops F-Bomb After Leaving Interview


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Dan Aykroyd was not too happy during an interview with Ellen Fanning from The Observer Effect. Dan was reportedly overheard on the streets outside the studio where the interview took place saying, "f…ing hosebag" about Fanning. What had the interviewer done to enrage the wrath of the popular actor?

Ellen Fanning apparently would not let Dan Aykroyd discuss his new business venture, which is the marketing of the Crystal Head vodka. The SBS talk show host had already partially conducted the interview which consisted of Dan Aykroyd discussing his childhood and career; however, the interview turned sour quickly.

According to a SBS representative, "(Aykroyd) was welcome to mention his vodka, but advertorials are not part of the show's format."

Present reports claim that Dan Aykroyd had intended to have the vodka market line discussed, which Ellen Fanning was not openly encouraging. Dan apparently ripped off his sunglasses and proceeded to mention the full line of products included within the Crystal Head vodka brand before storming out of the interview.

Shine Australia and SBS are joint producers of The Observer Effect where both reached out to the Executive Producer of the show, Paul Steindl, and requested that an official apology be publicly sent to the famous actor. However, both Paul Steindl and Ellen Fanning refused to issue the requested apology. Though the exact circumstances surrounding this infamous situation have yet to be released it appears that Steindl and Fanning think that the apology should come from Dan Aykroyd instead of from them.

While this outburst may seem bad for business, Dan Aykroyd is a beloved Hollywood icon and his fans are vocally supporting him through Twitter.

Though the interview with Ellen Fanning from The Observer Effect is not available, the following interview shows Larry King discussing the vodka line with Dan Aykroyd.

[Image Via YouTube]