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New Taliban Leader: Same Boss Who Wanted Malala Dead

CBS News and The Week have both reported that, following the drone bombing of Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud, a new leader for the Pakistani Taliban Movement has been chosen. The AP confirmed the ascendance of a new leader with a statement from the Taliban’s leadership council. Mehsud, in particular was a difficult target to hit, with several previous reports of …

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Google Ideas Backs Anti-Extremist Group with New Website

In June 2011, Google Ideas hosted the Summit Against Violent Extremism that brought together a group of over 80 people who were former survivors and perpetrators of radical extremism ranging from gang members, right-wing extremists, 9/11 victims, and jihadists in order to plant the seeds of an effort to combat the global problem of violent extremism. Less than a year …

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What’s Digital Terrorism?

“Digital terrorism” isn’t a phrase one hears often. There might be good reason for that: it’s not abundantly clear what digital terrorism entails. Is it hacking into air traffic control to give dangerous instructions to pilots? Is it using YouTube to promote a violent, hateful cause? Is it setting up a Facebook group to give members a chance to voice a yea in favor of something offensive? Is it trolling comment areas and flaming an author?

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