Facebook Feed Full of Spoilers? A New Chrome Extension, Silencer, Can Help

Facebook Feed Full of Spoilers? A New Chrome Extension, Silencer, Can Help

By Josh Wolford May 31, 2013 | 1 Comment

Social media is a minefield. I’m not talking about privacy concerns or safety issues. I’m talking about all of your friends who can’t keep their damn mouths shut – the ones who ruin the new episode of Game of Thrones …

Chrome Web Store Gets Some Updates, New Features Chrome Web Store Gets Some Updates, New Features

Google has

Firefox 10 Now Available Firefox 10 Now Available

Firefox 10 launched today as a silent update so as not to disturb intrepid Web users. The update, as we reported yesterday, brings new features to the browser, but nothing worth celebrating over. The update features extension improvements with most …

Firefox 10 Launching Tomorrow Firefox 10 Launching Tomorrow
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Firefox is moving on to double digits tomorrow with the release of Firefox 10. PC Mag is reporting that the update will apply to the desktop formats as well as the mobile edition for Android. For those “people,” who never …

Nuke Comments Chrome Extension Lets You Rid Yourself Of Google+ Annoyances Nuke Comments Chrome Extension Lets You Rid Yourself Of Google+ Annoyances

Are you a prolific Google+ user who often invites unsavory comments from unsavory people on your posts? If so, a new Chrome extension will allow you to get rid of your problem in two clicks. It’s called Nuke Comments and …

No SOPA Chrome Extension Notifies You When You Visit Sites That Hate The Internet No SOPA Chrome Extension Notifies You When You Visit Sites That Hate The Internet
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Worried that your average, everyday interweb browsing could be inadvertently supporting the Stop Online Piracy Act? Well, you’re in luck. Now there’s an extension for your Chrome browser that will notify you when you visit a website of any company …

Chrome Team Names Favorite Extensions
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Anyone who’s still at a loss as to why they should try Chrome – or is using it, but feels a little adrift – may want to look at a new list Google’s put into circulation.  The Chrome team has identified 19 apps that can make the browser much more useful.

Google Gives Wave Another Push With Extensions Gallery

Google Wave didn’t do so well when it came out of the gate, and Buzz’s privacy problems stole all of the attention not too long after.  But now that Google’s addressed most of Buzz’s faults, it’s trying to move forward again by rolling out an extensions gallery for Google Wave.

Google Chrome For Mac Beta Arrives

A little less than a month ago, we reported that a beta version of Chrome for Mac might be released in December, and sure enough, it’s arrived.  Something "[f]or Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Intel only" became available today.

Considering that Chrome was introduced in September of 2008, this development was a long time coming.  Google likely hurt the adoption rate of Chrome by ignoring a market segment that’s known for preferring unusual tech and trying stuff out early in its lifecycle.

Chrome Should Get Extensions By End Of May
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It’s a rare – or perhaps even nonexistent – person who hates Google Chrome.  The general consensus is just that the browser lacks a little fit and finish compared to Firefox and Internet Explorer.  So it’s rather interesting to hear that Chrome’s one other problem – a lack of extensions – should be addressed within the next three months.

PicLens – New Way To Browse For Pictures On The Internet

Well I’ve been using PicLens for a few months now, and I’m a bit late with this post, but if you haven’t installed PicLens yet for browsing photos on the web you are missing one of the most beautiful ways to view photography on the internet yet.

The screenshot above does not do justice to the visual experience. PicLens is hands down the best I have ever seen photos look online.

Review: Google Comments Beta
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While browsing Google Labs, I noticed new Firefox extensions.

ColdFusion And Flex Builder Get Extensions

Adobe has released ColdFusion extensions for FlexBuilder 2 and MX 7 Updater 2.

Web Developer Tools Rock Firefox

An assortment of extensions for Mozilla’s Firefox web browser make it even more useful for developers who prefer using it for their work.

Listible.com Is Irrelistible
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For the Type A Capricorn, making a list is what fooling around under the bleachers is to Type Z Sagittarius-ecstasy of the highest unadulterated order. On the Top 10 List of Great Things About Lists, is that old order out chaos idea, deplored by the impetuous Sag, but loved by the users of Listible.com-the listiest Web 2.0 site on the Net.

Microsoft Guy Talking Firefox Extensions? Huh?

Yesterday at Northern Voice we had a panel discussion called “geeking out.”

Google Releases Firefox Toolbar
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Google has released its toolbar for Firefox, its first product designed specifically for a non Internet Explorer browser. While some Google products work with FF, none of them have been exclusively produced for the popular open-source browser.