Google Gives Wave Another Push With Extensions Gallery

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Google Wave didn't do so well when it came out of the gate, and Buzz's privacy problems stole all of the attention not too long after.  But now that Google's addressed most of Buzz's faults, it's trying to move forward again by rolling out an extensions gallery for Google Wave.

Interestingly, this initial version is still a little rough around the edges in terms of functionality.  Also, there are just 18 extensions listed at the moment, and Google's suggested design tweaks are on the way.  We'll let you decide whether the company's gotten ahead of itself or made a smart move by involving developers and users as soon as possible.

As for what's available, the extensions represent an interesting mix of useful and fun/frivolous stuff.  One's called Wave Sudoku, while others function as poll gadgets, phone and video chat aids, and a weather forecast provider.

Anyway, Dan Peterson, Google Wave's Product Manager, explained on the Google Wave Developer Blog, "The gallery is simply a set of waves containing extension installers (the puzzle pieces).  The first wave, 'Read me first' contains an introduction to extensions and how to use them.  In many cases, those particular waves won't maintain their read/unread status in Google Wave preview; we're working on this."

It should be interesting to see how long Google takes to make its tweaks, and how quickly the extensions gallery is populated.

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