Facebook Feed Full of Spoilers? A New Chrome Extension, Silencer, Can Help

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Social media is a minefield. I'm not talking about privacy concerns or safety issues. I'm talking about all of your friends who can't keep their damn mouths shut - the ones who ruin the new episode of Game of Thrones before you get a chance to watch it.

OMG! I can't believe Arya got the imp to kill Sansa!

Just kidding. But that's the kind of pain and frustration that a Facebook spoiler can inflict. A new Chrome extension hopes to help you avoid such misery, and possibly keep some friends in the process. It's called Silencer, and it lets you rid your Facebook and Twitter streams of any posts related to any content of your choosing using muted keywords.

"Silencer is the easiest way to mute spoilers, people, hashtags, terms and phrases on Twitter and Facebook. Silencer lets you mute and filter any content you want out of your Twitter stream or Facebook news feed. Avoid TV show or sports spoilers. Block people that you can't unfollow but aren't really interested in anymore. Take back the Internet on your terms!" says the Silencer team.

Of course, the options aren't limited to muting TV and movie spoilers. If you're sick of hearing about someone in the news, let's say President Obama or John Boehner, you can turn them down as well.

If you have social media feeds that are in desperate need of some filtering, you can check out Silencer at the Chrome Web Store today.

[Silencer.io via AllFacebook]

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