Nuke Comments Chrome Extension Lets You Rid Yourself Of Google+ Annoyances

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Are you a prolific Google+ user who often invites unsavory comments from unsavory people on your posts? If so, a new Chrome extension will allow you to get rid of your problem in two clicks.

It's called Nuke Comments and it drops a bomb on annoying commenters. Here's the description, courtesy former Google engineer Tzafrir Rehan on Google+:

Are you getting comments on Google+ from people that you don't want commenting on your posts? Time to go nuclear on them! Hit the Nuke button and delete the comment - Nuke Comments will then block them so you'll never be bothered by their annoying comments again.

Two clicks, and you'll never have to hear from John Q. Spammer again.

The "Nuke" button will appear right next to the "+1" button under the comments, as seen below:

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