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Eve Online Hits Half a Million Subscribers

Today, Icelandic developer CCP Games announced that subscriptions for its Eve Online MMO have surpassed the 500,000 mark. Eve Online is the science fiction MMO that allows players to operate and own their own spaceships while participating in a player-created universe full of political intrigue and trade negotiations. Because of the game’s heavy reliance on trade and economics, it is …

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Dust 514 Open Beta Starts January 22

CCP Games, the developer behind Eve Online, today announced that the open beta test for Dust 514 will begin on January 22. The news comes just as Dust 514 has been merged onto the server that also hosts the Eve Online universe. CCP states that this accomplishment marks the first time two games from different genres have been linked together …

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DUST 54 In Closed Beta, Open Beta Starts June 29th

EVE is getting a much needed high profile boost when the PS3/PS Vita game titled “DUST 514” comes out. The game will be directly connected to the ever expanding world of EVE and will feature missions dictated by the PC game. What happens in DUST 514 will directly connect to EVE and vice versa. The closed beta is going on …

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Dust 514 Now Accepting Applications For Closed Beta

The Playstation 3 exclusive game that is directly connected to EVE online, is now accepting applications for it’s closed beta. they previously had a Beta signup for players who already played EVE online. Dust 514 is set to be released in the 3rd quarter of 2012. It is interesting because it is the very first free-to-play console-based Massively Multiplayer Online …

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EVE Online Gets New Trailer For 2012 Updates

EVE Online is one of those MMOs that you would never expect to see much action from. All I ever see is players trading goods and flying around the universe completing various objectives that never really result in any kind of conflict. Outside of a few pirate raids, it’s a pretty realistic MMO that focuses on real world activities over …

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Dust 514 Goes Free To Play On PS3

The makers of the semi-revolutionary FPSMMO Dust514 have announced that it will be free-to-play at launch. The game as it is set now, will directly impact what goes on in the fairly popular MMO Eve Online. “It was a relatively confusing proposition,” executive producer Brandon Laurino explained to Eurogamer, “and we wanted to make it unambiguous that this is a …

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