DUST 54 In Closed Beta, Open Beta Starts June 29th

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EVE is getting a much needed high profile boost when the PS3/PS Vita game titled "DUST 514" comes out. The game will be directly connected to the ever expanding world of EVE and will feature missions dictated by the PC game. What happens in DUST 514 will directly connect to EVE and vice versa.

The closed beta is going on right now but the open beta starts on June 29th. They are still accepting applications for the open beta1 just go here to sign up! Players will be chosen at random for the first Beta event of the summer for the PS3.

Also coming is the DUST 514 Home Space! Its a War Barge cantina in the EVE Universe, you can learn about the history of New Eden, hang out, earn awesome stuff like companions and armor for Home, play multiplayer Slay – the incredible strategic board game – and much more. In addition, we’re very excited to let you know that we are making available a wave of 10,000 “All Access” Closed Beta invites that visitors to the DUST 514 Home Space can earn by completing all the activities inside, with access to all the DUST 514 Beta events over the summer.

The game will roll out with a companion app for the PS Vita called DUST 514: Neocom. The app brings the feel and functionality from DUST 514 on PS3 to Vita, focusing on customization, communication and trade. Every character you use can be customized via DUST 514: Neocom, so you can create and edit customized fittings (load-outs) with a ton of different dropsuits, weapons, vehicles, items and more. You’ll also be able to use Neocom to access the in-game Mail system and Friends List, as well as use the Market to get new stuff for your character from the DUST 514 Marketplace using either ISK (in-game earned currency) or Aurum (purchased currency).

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