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CU-Boulder Fines Rapist $75, Makes Him Write Essay

The University of Colorado at Boulder is facing a Title IX investigation for allegedly mishandling a sexual assault case. Having found a student guilty of “non-consensual sexual intercourse,” the university suspended him for eight months (though they gave him a month to get off campus), made him write a 5-7 page paper reflecting on the incident, and charged him $75. …

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LinkedIn Thought Leaders Present Big Ideas For 2013

Back in October, LinkedIn rolled out a feature that allowed users to follow “thought leaders,” who used their expertise to educate the public about everything from specific industries to U.S. politics. The program ended up being successful enough that in one month people such as Sir Richard Branson, President Obama, Deepak Chopra, Mitt Romney, and Arianna Huffington had hundreds of …

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Ashley Judd Takes On Media In Strong Essay

Actress Ashley Judd is known to speak her mind when she’s passionate about something, and considering she’s obviously well-read and informed about a wide spectrum of things, it’s worth taking a moment to listen. Or, in this case, to read. Judd has written an essay for The Daily Beast regarding the media and our society’s obsession with women’s bodies/faces, and …

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Vogue Mom Forces 7-Year Old Daughter To Lose 16 Pounds

In a time when childhood obesity is rampant–due mostly to a reliance on fast food and digital devices rather than vegetables and exercise–it’s not uncommon to hear of a parent who takes a doctor’s advice to heart and puts their child on a strict diet. But in the case of Dara-Lynn Weiss, who wrote an essay published in the April …

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