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LeBron James Has Joined Twitter, Will Soon Break It
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UPDATE: Lebron James has now joined Twitter:  @KingJames.

Twitter hasn’t verified the account yet, but both Chris Paul and CNBC’s Darren Rovell has confirmed it is indeed him. One has to ask the question, will LeBron announce his decision via Twitter?

Marketing Lessons From The World Cup
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IMB_2010FIFAWorldCupLogo Now that the Round of 16 is over and we are down to the final 8 teams that will be playing in the Quarterfinals of the World Cup – most of the marketing that has accompanied the games has been p

Disney Offers Host Of Apps For iPad
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Disney has announced it will offer applications from all of its businesses on Apple’s new iPad, including an ABC Player app.

The new ABC Player app will allow iPad users to watch free, ad-supported episodes of 20 ABC programs via a Wi-Fi connection. iPad users will also be able to buy downloads of episodes through the iTunes store.

More Than Half Of March Madness Fans Will Watch Online

With the 2010 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament starting next week (March 16), it’s no surprise the majority (83%) of fans will watch coverage on television, while 44 percent will go online and 10 percent will use a mobile device, according to a new survey by Unicast.

Among those planning to follow the tournament online or on a mobile device, a majority will visit ESPN.com (69%). Other branded popular sports sites fans plan to visit include Yahoo Sports (42%), Fox (24%), CBS (29%), and AOL (17%).

Sean Salisbury (Allegedly) Threatens to Sue Gawker-Owned Deadspin
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Update: Deadspin has posted yet another set of messages from Salisbury, who claims he is finally finished sending them. In the latest set, he talks about how he wanted his messages off the record and not posted on the site, but then changes his mind.

ESPN Placing Restrictions On Employees Regarding Social Media
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Yesterday we told you about the social media restrictions that the United States Marine Corps has placed on its network. Many of you, including myself, hated to see this happen but considering what could potentially take place (security concerns etc.) it has its merits.

ESPN To Employees: Only Tweet About ESPN
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UPDATE: ESPN has responded to the rumored Twitter policy, by releasing their "ADDITIONAL GUIDELINES FOR SOCIAL NETWORKING"

ESPN Taking Their News To The Local Market

As a sports fan I don’t get to write much about sports and Internet marketing. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure why that is but I’ll work on that later. What we have covered extensively here at Marketing Pilgrim is the decline and fall of the Printed Empire; the newspaper. Today, in fact stands to be a rough day again as the Boston Globe workers agrees to more cuts to keep the paper in print.

ESPN To Launch Three More Local Sites
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ESPN announced today it will introduce three new city specific sports sites in the coming months, with Dallas, Los Angeles and New York joining its local Chicago effort.

ESPNDallas.com will launch this fall, followed by ESPNNewYork.com and ESPNLosAngles.com in the first half of 2010. Like ESPNChicago.com, each site will feature an integrated home for sports news, online video and audio.

ESPN The Magazine To Charge For Online Access
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ESPN The Magazine has begun charging for access to its online content.

The magazine announced on its website that its online version, ESPNTheMag.com was merging with the ESPN Insider service, which is available for $6.95 a month, or $39.95 a year for premium sports content.

YouTube and ESPN Form a New Bond

YouTube and ESPN have entered a new partnership together. YouTube’s Chris Dale gave WebProNews a few details about it in a quick phone call.

ESPN will be featuring content that is apparently going to be in line with their television programming, although from the sounds of it there won’t be any live streaming, so don’t look to watch games on here (at least for the time being).

ESPN Going ‘No Follow’ With Triple Crown Coverage

 Have you been to ESPN.com lately? Have you browsed around their site with your favorite nofollow attribute link indicator turned on? well I have and I was a little shocked.

Big Publishers Want Special Treatment from Google
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Update: In an interesting turn to this story, the New York Times has eliminated 993,000 article pages as it rolls International Herald Tribune (IHT) into the NYT site. Instead of redirecting the articles to the same article on NYT, they all simply go now to one landing page.

Experts Predict Doom For New Walled Gardens
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Wired.com loudly reminded everyone a little over a week ago about ESPN’s deal with specific ISPs to license ESPN360 content.

ESPN360 Ushers In Cable-ization Of The Internet
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Imagine a world where you want to watch videos on, say, Hulu.com, but you are unable to because Hulu has an exclusive deal with TimeWarner. If you want Hulu, and a premium package of websites that includes the New York Times, Yahoo, and iTunes, you can only find them on TimeWarner.

ESPN.com Rolls Out Redesign
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ESPN has launched a redesign of ESPN.com in beta that offers a simpler design and navigation for its users.

The new site had been in a closed beta test phase for 10 days to ESPN Insider subscribers and will now run along side the current ESPN.com for the rest of December. The redesigned site will launch fulltime on Monday, January 5 and replace the current site.

Bebo Partners With ESPN On Sports Video
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ESPN has partnered with social networking site Bebo to bring short-form sports video highlights to the site for U.S. users.

Serious Sports Fans Spend More Time Online
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Enthusiastic sports fans account for 19 percent of overall online users and represent a lucrative online audience according to a new report from JupiterResearch.

Since serious sports fans spend more time online, watch more online video and shop more online, sports sites need to integrate the right balance of video and social features into their destinations, the report found.

ESPN To Offer Video On AOL

ESPN has partnered with AOL to make its short-form video content accessible through AOL Video and AOL Sports.

It’s the first time that ESPN has made its video content available through an Internet portal. ESPN will provide highlights from games and sporting events along with video clips via an embedded ESPN video player.

ESPN To Cover Gaming
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I might let you call me a prophet, a little earlier than expected. I kid, I kid, and I was kidding in March 2006 when I asked readers not to call me that for another 20 years. It wasn’t too hard to predict, thanks to a Microsoft patent about it, and in 2008 comes the next stage: ESPN’s coverage of professional video gaming.

How Long Will Your Agency Relationship Last?

Research shows that half of the agency/client relationships out there last less than two years.

This is from a sample of about 140 companies with an annual marketing spend of at least $2 million, including Citibank, General Mills, IBM, GE, and ESPN.

After nearly 15 years in agencies, this percentage sounds about right. But where the research tries to determine why this is the case, I take issue with it.