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LeBron’s Plaxico Imitation Gets ESPN Riled Up; Twitter Responds to ESPN LeBron’s Plaxico Imitation Gets ESPN Riled Up; Twitter Responds to ESPN

Some background: Plaxico Burress, for those who don’t know, is a wide receiver for the New York Jets. It’s Burress’ first year with the Jets following a stint in prison, which he received for shooting himself in the leg at …

People Have Fun With #WhenSkipMeetsTebow Hashtag People Have Fun With #WhenSkipMeetsTebow Hashtag
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Earlier today Skip Bayless, ESPN’s First Take shock value on air personality, crossed something off his bucket list, he finally talked with Tim Tebow. ESPN had been promoting the event with the hashtag #WhenSkipMeets Tebow. As I’m sure you can …

Hank Williams Jr Gets Pulled By ESPN Hank Williams Jr Gets Pulled By ESPN
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Were you ready for some football last night? Did you miss hearing Hank Williams Jr start off ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast with is familiar “All My Rowdy Friends” theme song? Did you even notice the song was missing? Has …

Arian Foster’s Hamstring MRI Gets A Twitter Diagnosis Arian Foster’s Hamstring MRI Gets A Twitter Diagnosis

Sports stars on Twitter. Always the source of amusement. Little did Texans running back and very high pick in my fantasy draft Arian Foster know that his tweet earlier today regarding his hamstring injury would result in a diagnosis by …

Google Beefs Up NFL Search Results Google Beefs Up NFL Search Results

It should be easier to find NFL scores on Google moving forward, which is a good thing because the season is quickly approaching. That’s not all though. Google has expanded its NFL-related search results to include even more information, thanks …

Chad Ochocinco Uses Social Media To Find Boston Roommate Chad Ochocinco Uses Social Media To Find Boston Roommate

The NFL is just about upon us — preseason starts tomorrow night — and one of the bigger stories going into the 2011-12 season is the trade of outspoken wide receiver Chad “Don’t Call me Johnson” Ochocinco to the New …

ESPN Gets Scorched On Twitter over Bruce Feldman Incident ESPN Gets Scorched On Twitter over Bruce Feldman Incident

Bruce Feldman is a very popular sportswriter who specializes in college football coverage. Until today, you may not have heard of him unless you follow the sport and/or are a regular visitor of ESPN.com. Now, thanks to the popular #freebruce …

Erin Andrews Is Still Pissed About That Leaked Internet Video Erin Andrews Is Still Pissed About That Leaked Internet Video
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Note to people trying to be funny and/or cute at someone else’s expense: Sometimes, the sensitivity of things never goes away. Just ask Erin Andrews. In case you aren’t aware, Erin Andrews is an ESPN personality who is very popular …

ESPN Drops Poker Programming ESPN Drops Poker Programming
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It looks as though the strike against online poker is now beginning to affect professional televised poker as well. According to Bloomberg, the unchallenged American sports authority ESPN is going to remove poker content from its networks. The network, based …

WatchESPN App Launched for iOS WatchESPN App Launched for iOS

Oh Boy! Oh Boy!  It’s Christmas morning, and some people just got a new puppy.  Some people, however, didn’t get anything.  ESPN has just unveiled its WatchESPN app that allows users to stream live content to their iPhones and iPads.  …

Starbucks Digital Network Adds Content

Since October of 2010, Starbucks has not simply provided a place for people to sit and steal wi-fi, but has given those wi-fi users access to selective content via the Starbucks Digital Network. If you aren’t familiar with how it …

ESPN Content To Launch On Slacker Radio

Online radio service Slacker said today it will begin offering users access to ESPN Audio content. Slacker users will have access to a dedicated station for sports entertainment, with the option to include ESPN SportsCenter headlines for hourly updates on …

YouTube and ESPN Want Your Original Sports Highlights YouTube and ESPN Want Your Original Sports Highlights

Parents of kids who play sports, their coaches and the players alike, pay attention: ESPN and YouTube have put a call out for your user-generated content. If you have any original sports highlights you’d like to share on YouTube, be …

March Madness Breaks Records at ESPN

So, how many of you who filled out NCAA Tournament brackets are still alive after Thursday’s madness? Are you still confident in your Final Four picks? Did anyone pencil Morehead State into the Sweet 16? These are just some of …

ESPN Introduces ScoreCenter For Internet Enabled TVs
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ESPN is making its mobile ScoreCenter application available on Samsung Internet-enabled televisions.

The ScoreCenter app will be available in the Samsung App store and allows users to view scores from a variety of sports. Personalization features allow users to customize the app by highlighting their favorite teams and leagues.




Time Warner Puts ESPN Channels Online
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Time Warner Cable customers who have ESPN and have Internet service with the cable company will now be able to watch ESPN and ESPN3.com online starting tonight with “Monday Night Football.”

To view the content, Time Warner Cable customers can pre-register by visiting the company’s “My Services” section and verify they have a subscription. Customers can also go to ESPNnetworks.com or ESPN3.com to register or sign in to view content.

GMC Partners With NFL For Online Contest

GMC has launched the “GMC Never Say Never Moment of the Week,” in partnership with the NFL and ESPN that allows football fans to vote on the best moment or play of the week that represents determination at nfl.com/gmc.

LeBron James Has Joined Twitter, Will Soon Break It
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UPDATE: Lebron James has now joined Twitter:  @KingJames.

Twitter hasn’t verified the account yet, but both Chris Paul and CNBC’s Darren Rovell has confirmed it is indeed him. One has to ask the question, will LeBron announce his decision via Twitter?

Marketing Lessons From The World Cup
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IMB_2010FIFAWorldCupLogo Now that the Round of 16 is over and we are down to the final 8 teams that will be playing in the Quarterfinals of the World Cup – most of the marketing that has accompanied the games has been p

Disney Offers Host Of Apps For iPad
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Disney has announced it will offer applications from all of its businesses on Apple’s new iPad, including an ABC Player app.

The new ABC Player app will allow iPad users to watch free, ad-supported episodes of 20 ABC programs via a Wi-Fi connection. iPad users will also be able to buy downloads of episodes through the iTunes store.

More Than Half Of March Madness Fans Will Watch Online

With the 2010 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament starting next week (March 16), it’s no surprise the majority (83%) of fans will watch coverage on television, while 44 percent will go online and 10 percent will use a mobile device, according to a new survey by Unicast.

Among those planning to follow the tournament online or on a mobile device, a majority will visit ESPN.com (69%). Other branded popular sports sites fans plan to visit include Yahoo Sports (42%), Fox (24%), CBS (29%), and AOL (17%).