Lee Corso And His Rubber Duck Become Internet Memes

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ESPN's "Cursing" Lee Corso is always good for a laugh when he's on the College GameDay set, and now, Corso's found a way to crossover in the offseason, courtesy of a old fashioned swimsuit and a rubber duck. Armed with that content, the meme hounds were once again let loose upon the Internet's general public.

And because of that, things were good.

The original image, which leads, was posted on College GameDay's Facebook page, and was pointed out to the world by TheBigLead, among others. Once it was given the extra push by EveryDayShouldBeSaturday's excelsior Spencer Hall, the memes hit at a fast and furious rate. And again, things were good.

An example of this goodness comes in the form of Nyan Corso:


Which may be one of the greatest collisions of memes the world has ever seen. Who knew that much awesome was even attainable? Considering the link provided by EDSBS possessed the familiar Imgur structure--http://i.imgur.com/nt9MS.gif--it's easy to imagine Reddit playing a role with the Nyan Corso. Here are a few more meme images that were added to the collection, again, courtesy of EDSBS:



In case you're wondering why he was referred to as "Cursing" Lee Corso, here's what's considered perhaps his greatest moment on the College GameDay set, which comes at the 1:15 mark. Make sure you pay attention to everyone else's reaction:

Which was followed up by this act of contrition:

And now, he's a rubber duck-themed meme. It clearly is Lee Corso's world, we're all just lucky enough he let's us reside on it.

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