The Difficulties of Being Michael Jordan


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You know that dream you have about trading places with Michael Jordan, or, well, any famous athlete/actor/celebrity? You probably think it would be pretty great, don't you? All that money, all that fame, and all that ability. The world would be your oyster, right? Nothing could touch you, right? But what happens if you share the same name as that famous icon, but not any of the attributes that made them famous? How fun would life be then?

Let's ask Michael Jordan. No, not that one. This one:

Man, that has to suck, right?

What we have is another great commercial from ESPN, and it captures the reactions and the subsequent disappointment almost pitch-perfectly. Yes, this is fiction, but a quick search of the White Pages finds hundreds of results, meaning there are probably more than a few Michael Jordans out there who go through something similar. The worst thing about this would have to be the looks of disappointment when they realize you aren't THE Michael Jordan, rather, someone who shares the same name.

Be strong all you non-Air Jordans out there. Who knows, maybe you can snatch the "real" Michael Jordan's identity and get access to some of that Nike money.