Microsoft Sells Mediaroom To Ericsson To Focus TV Efforts On Xbox

Microsoft Sells Mediaroom To Ericsson To Focus TV Efforts On Xbox

By Chris Crum April 8, 2013

Microsoft and Ericsson announced today that Ericsson will acquire Microsoft Mediaroom, its IPTV platform. It will be integrated into Ericsson’s existing Business Unit Support Solutions. Microsoft will now focus its TV-related efforts on the Xbox brand. In a post on …

Ericsson Not Interested In Juniper

Carl-Henric Svanberg, CEO of telecom hardware maker Ericsson, said his company has no interest in acquiring Juniper Networks.

Rumors Abound of Ericsson Acquiring Marconi

British based Marconi would not discuss rumors of a possible purchase of the venerable telecom company by Ericsson. Stocks took a leap on the speculation the rival Swedish firm was eyeing Marconi.

Ericsson And Napster Teach Mobile World To Sing

The partnership of the Swedish services company and the digital music service bring over-the-air music downloads to mobiles.

Napster, Ericsson In Music Download Deal

The agreement will allow for over-the-air downloads of music from Napster’s service to Ericsson customers.

Napster and Ericsson Conjure Wireless Downloads

Peer to peer pioneer Napster and wireless wizard Ericsson announced plans to develop a wireless downloading service. The plan is to integrate Ericsson’s digital music service and Napster’s digital download expertise into a strong plan for wireless users.

Ericsson CEO Says Mobile Broadband Is New Media Channel

Forget about cable and satellite services. The forthcoming advances in mobile broadband technology will bring a big change in content and media.

Sony Ericsson: Heapin Helpin Of Wireless Toys

Mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson announced their new players in the phone market with 5 phone products, including a new 3G phone and they have a wide variety of features to peruse, play with and pay for. No price points were mentioned but one could assume prices would be competitive with similar offerings from companies like Nokia.

Sony Ericsson Launches New Phones And Other Devices

Sony Ericsson rolled out a handful of new products including four new mobile phone models, a PC card, and other accessories. The company said it intends to increase its presence in the low and mid-segment market.

Ericsson Extends Russian GSM Deal

The $150 million USD agreement with Russia’s largest mobile provider, OAO Mobile TeleSystems (MTS), expands its GSM capacity.

Sony Ericsson Profits Plunge Due to Competition

Sony Ericsson Mobile is not having the best luck with profits which have decreased by 61%.

Profit Troubles for Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson Mobile’s profits went down 61% with competition in prices getting stiffer.

Ericsson Sues For Patent Infringement

Ericsson has sued the UK based mobile phone company Sendo for patent infringement in several countries.

Sony Ericsson Introduces Bluetooth Camera

The CeBit conference appears to be rivaling E3 in terms of its “cool factor”. A number of technological companies have taken this opportunity to reveal upcoming gadgets and campaigns.

Yet More Signs For Podcasting Growth

BBC News: One in 10 adult Americans – equivalent to 22 million people – owns an MP3 player, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

Sony Ericsson Sales Exceed Expectations

Sony Ericsson reported a higher than expected growth in fourth-quarter sales thanks to 3G handsets and camera phones.

Had A Good Night’s Sleep At The PR Dept…?

Say you buy a Motorala A1000. If you’re like most people you tell your friends what you think. If you’re an ordinary blogger you maybe mention it, or even write a review.