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Mozilla Exec Moves To Bing’s Corner
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Mozilla’s director of community development is not at all happy with Google.  Following an eyebrow-raising comment from CEO Eric Schmidt on the subject of privacy, Asa Dotzler has, in fact, pretty much suggested that everyone use Bing instead.

Google CEO Joins Twitter

At this point, Twitter may not gain much from the backing of any more "celebrity" members; we’ve already seen lots of politicians, media personalities, and Hollywood types join up.  Just the same, it seems noteworthy that Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, apparently established an account last night.

Schmidt Labels Enterprise “The Next Big Billion-Dollar Opportunity”
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Never mind the latest developments relating to real-time search and the mobile market.  Google intends to make its next serious buck off the software and services that businesses require, with the company’s CEO talking up the outlook at a conference yesterday. 

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Google Puts Analysts’ Targets, Recession In Rearview Mirror
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Experts had high expectations heading into Google’s third quarter earnings report, but that was no problem for the search giant as it beat estimates in almost every way.  Google’s stock is now heading up in after-hours trading. 

Google, Verizon Partner Over Android

The company that operates America’s largest wireless telecommunications network now considers itself a friend of Android.  Google and Verizon Wireless have sealed a deal that’ll see the two working together on mobile products and services.

Schmidt Forecasts Monthly Acquisitions
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Eric Schmidt has laid out a good news/bad news scenario for people who would like to become part of Google.  On the one hand, he intends to acquire about one small company per month.  On the other, it sounds like most of Google’s "now hiring" signs are going to remain in storage. 

Google CEO Skeptical About Charging For Online Content

Google CEO, Eric Schmidt has added his voice to the debate about charging for online news content.

Speaking via video link with British broadcasting executives, Schmidt said there is so much free content online that many publishers would not succeed if they put their content behind a pay- wall.

Schmidt: Google Serious About Acquisitions Again
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About a month ago – and after a longish period of quiet – Google arranged to acquire video compression specialist On2 for $106.5 million.  More deals may be on the way, as well, since Eric Schmidt implied this week that the search and advertising giant’s only getting started.

Google’s CEO Leaves Apple’s Board Of Directors
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This morning, a strong tie between Google and Apple was dissolved.  Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, resigned from Apple’s board of directors.

This development doesn’t necessarily mean that Google and Apple are becoming hostile.  The two companies have been good corporate friends for many years, with Schmidt serving on Apple’s board of directors since August of 2006.

YouTube Profits Closer Than Ever
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The days of YouTube representing a financial black hole may soon come to an end.  Several of Google’s execs have indicated that the video-sharing site is on track to start making more money than its operations consume.

Google Posts Impressive Q2 Profit
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Google released its second quarter earnings report this afternoon, and the search giant met and beat most analysts’ written estimates.  Its bottom line in terms of profit looked especially good.

Google Starts “Innovation Reviews”
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Google’s concept of "20 percent time" might not work at a lot of other businesses; employees would goof off.  But at Google, there’s more of a concern that employees are almost being too productive, and so the search giant is instituting new procedures to make sure brilliant ideas don’t slip by execs. 

Schmidt Confirms Interest In Acquisitions

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a nice, juicy takeover story to follow, right?  Well, Google might make a move and fill the void, as its CEO, Eric Schmidt, announced during an interview that he’s on the hunt again. 

Eric Schmidt Discusses Numerous Hot Issues

The other day, Google CEO Eric Schmidt gave quite an inspirational speech at the University of Pennsylvania, in which he shared his interpretation of the meaning of life. He talked about technology and the importance of the organization of the world’s information – Google’s ultimate goal.

Google Not Buying a Newspaper

For a while, the blogs were burning with the rumors that Google was going to buy a newspaper. Eric Schmidt has laid these suspicions to rest by announcing that Google will not pursue that option.

Google CEO Shares the Meaning of Life

Eric Schmidt gave a commencement address at the University of Pennsylvania yesterday. The full video is below, but I have pulled out some of the good quotes from it (there were quite a few).

He begins with congratulations and talks about how great Penn is, and how there are 250 alumni who work at Google. He says it’s the most desirable place for Google to hire interns because the "quality of graduates is the best in the world."

Schmidt Sticking To “Profitable YouTube” Story
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It’s been close to three years since Google bought YouTube, and so far, the site has cost the search giant a lot more money than it’s made.  But Google’s CEO still believes the situation will right itself, and new info from an analyst goes a little way towards bearing out his line of thought. 

Google CEO Sees No Conflict With Apple Board Seat
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Earlier this week it was reported that the Federal Trade Commission had launched an inquiry into whether the overlap of directors on the boards of Apple and Google violates antitrust laws.

Google, Microsoft Execs Named To Obama’s Tech Council
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If, on the technology front, our country takes a significant turn for either the better or the worse under President Obama, you might consider voicing your pleasure or dismay by using certain search engines more or less.  It turns out people from both Google and Microsoft have been appointed to the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST). 

How Newspapers Should Adapt To Digital Era

It’s not a news story–doesn’t really rise to the level of newsworthiness–but people do seem to be talking more lately about the death of newspapers. Recently even Eric Schmidt of Google discussed how newspapers must find a mixture of advertising, micropayments, and regular subscriptions to fund their futures. To me, all this talk about how newspapers collect money is misplaced. Instead, I think newspapers must think about how to flourish by remaining relevant in the new digital world.

Are Brands Really the Solution to the Internet “Cesspool?”

Eric SchmidtIn 2008, Eric Schmidt called the Internet a cesspool and said that brands were the way to sort it out. Popular blogger Michael Gray aka Graywolf says that big brand media sites are "the real cesspool of the Internet."