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Tag: Eric Schmidt

Nukes and AI: Eric Schmidt Believes Both Should Be Regulated by Treaties
Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes AI should be in the same category as nuclear weapons and regulated by similar treaties....
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China Plans to Add 600,000 5G Base Stations In 2022
China is on pace to add some 600,000 5G base stations in 2022, helping the country solidify its position as the leading 5G nation....
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Telecom Companies Win Injunction Against NY Affordable Broadband Act
Telecom companies have won a last-minute injunction against New York’s Affordable Broadband Act, putting the law’s future in jeopardy....
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Governor Cuomo Makes Low-Cost Broadband Mandatory
Governor Cuomo has signed a bill that would force companies to make broadband access available to low-income families for $15 a month....
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Ex-Google CEO: AI Will Create a Bunch Of New Platform Winners
The reason it'll be different in 20 years is because artificial intelligence will create a whole bunch of new platform winners says former Google CEO ...
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Banning TikTok Can Affect American Dominance, Says Former Google CEO
Essentially, every American tech firm has data that's stored in the US that's subject to US law that's used by Europeans, for example, and they bristl...
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Google Called Upon To Make Self-Driving Car Accident Reports Public
Google’s self-driving cars are coming under fire again as the Associated Press reported that four out of forty-eight of the cars Google has driv...
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Google Glass Is Far from Dead, Says Eric Schmidt
If you think Google Glass is dead, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt would like to tell you you’re wrong. “It is a big and very fundament...
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Google Expands Its Offerings In Cuba
As you’re probably aware, there’s a trade embargo that prevents U.S. exports to Cuba. That’s not stopping Google from launching some...
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Here’s Eric Schmidt Talking About ‘How Google Works’
Google posted a video of Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt talking to Laszlo Bock, the company’s Senior Vice President of People Operations, at th...
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Is Amazon Google’s Biggest Search Competitor?
There was a time when Google considered Bing its biggest competitor in search, which probably makes sense to most people, as it’s more of a dire...
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Here’s 30 Minutes Of Eric Schmidt Talking With Jimmy Carter
Google’s annual Zeitgeist conference is underway in Paradise Valley, Arizona, and the company has been uploading numerous discussions from the e...
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Google’s Schmidt: We Built Google For Users, Not Websites
Google has said it before, but now it has said it again: “We built Google for users, not websites.” Think you got a raw deal from a recent...
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Eric Schmidt’s New Book Is More Loyal Than A Puppy
Google Executive Chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt has a new book coming out called How Google Works. He co-wrote it with former Google SVP and cur...
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Kanye Talks ‘His Boy and Sh*t’ Eric Schmidt, ‘Rich As F*ck’ Tim Cook at Concert
If you’re unfamiliar with Kanye West’s Yeezus tour–here’s a quick rundown. It’s an incredible spectacle–really. If I hadn&...
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Eric Schmidt Reportedly Just Spent $22M on a House Near the Playboy Mansion
As a man worth an estimated $8.3 billion, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt could buy pretty much any house he wants. If a report from the NY Pos...
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Google To Expand Efforts To Block Child Exploitation
Google has been battling child exploitation on the Internet since at least 2006. This past summer, the company announced some additional measures it w...
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Eric Schmidt’s Alleged Affairs Get The NMA Treatment
Eric Schmidt is the executive chairman of Google. He’s also married, but it’s hard to tell sometimes as he and his wife, Wendy Boyl, live ...
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Eric Schmidt Discusses ‘Pandora’s Promise’ With Director Robert Stone
In a recent “At Google” talk, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt sat down with Robert Stone, Director of the documentary Pandora’...
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Google Thinks That In 100 Years, People Will Marvel That We Ever Allowed Humans To Drive
Google held its annual shareholders meeting on Thursday, discussing numerous topics. As usual in shareholder-related meetings, Google felt the need to...
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