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Google Phone To Challenge Apple iPhone?

Engadget is reporting that they have received information from an inside source with product information about the near-mythical Google branded cellular phone, which has been the topic of much speculation over recent months.

Live Blogging Leads Macworld Keynote Coverage

Coverage of the Steve Jobs keynote at the Macworld conference took on several different forms this year. Some publications took the traditional journalistic approach by writing articles after the fact, while others experimented with the less formal, more reactionary approach of blogging.

Is AppleTV Xbox without the “X?”

Phil Waligora, who works at Microsoft, is watching Steve Jobs’ keynote (I’m not, but am trying to check in here and there) and calls me out, wondering if I’ll say the just announced AppleTV is innovative.

Blogsmith – The Next Big Blogging Platform?

A few days ago, 901am.com got the scoop that Blogsmith was going to be released to the public early in 2007.

Jason Calacanis Departs AOL

The head of Weblogs, Inc, who sold his blog network to AOL for a reported $25 million price tag has followed his mentor, ex-CEO Jonathan Miller, out of the company.

Should Microsoft Have Its Own Retail Stores?

Ross Rubin, contributing at Engadget, makes a compelling case for Microsoft opening up its own retail stores, in order to see the kind of success companies like Apple and Nintendo have enjoyed, either with multiple retail locations driving sales, or a flagship store increasing visibility.

Windows Vista Picture Clearing Up

Two stories that have been making the rounds over the weekend:

A sneak peek into Engadgets crib

I filmed a fun segment for the ScobleShow (won’t be up until at least October 11th cause of a “frieNDA” ; ) with Ryan Block at his house last night. He’s been writing for Engadget for, it seems, ever.

The Fattest RSS Feeds

One thing I really like about an offline feed reader is that you don’t need to read feeds all the time. Just store them up like a squirrel stores nuts.

Engadget Gets Facelift, Gives Gifts

Engadget announced a number of updates to its site this morning, including a “refreshed” design and “a bunch of new features that should make Engadget a little more user-friendly.” Reactions have been mixed, but mostly positive.

Engadget Interviews J Allard On Zune

Engadget has a long and good interview with J Allard, the man behind the Zune, about his ideas for the Zune platform.

Zune: Really A Toshiba Product

In what comes as no surprise to anyone who looked closely, the much-hyped Microsoft Zune portable media device is pretty much a Toshiba Gigabeat S with added Wifi, a new OS, and different buttons.

TechCrunch Adds New Gadget Site

If you’re a subscriber to Engadget or Gizmodo, or both, there’s a new gadget site to add to your reading list – CrunchGear.

Microsoft Portable Media Player Rumors

Engadget has more on the rumored Microsoft portable media player. The reactions in the comment area on Engadget are pretty interesting.

Microsoft Argo Speculation Flies

Everybody’s talking about a portable device Microsoft is developing, code-named “Argo”. Lets take a look:

Borders Such as Advertising and PR Hard to Define

It has occurred to me these past few months that it’s far harder to define borders today than ever before.

‘Open Source’ iLiad Soon

As someone who reads mostly on a computer screen, I can’t wait to see gadgets appearing that make the screen-reading experience a lot better than it currently is with PC screens.

Dells Uber-Laptop May Be The Real Deal

Engadget got a tip that Dell plans to release its 18-pound, 20-inch widescreen laptop that it showed off as a concept PC at CES, possibly as early as next month.

Bloggers Should Think Coo-petition, Not Competition

Jason Calacanis chastises the WSJ for not directly linking to bloggers. He wants the WSJ to give blogs the credit of a direct link rather than hiding behind Javascript code. That’s touching.

Editorial Exploits Erupt, Envelop Engadget

The popular Engadget blog, considered the focal point of AOL’s $25 million purchase of Weblogs Inc in 2005, has been caught doctoring another site’s images and failing to properly attribute them to their source.

DRM Hurts Battery Life?

Engadget posts that CNet’s MP3 Insider studied several MP3 players and discovered that you lose several hours of battery life when playing DRM music.