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Hybrid Cars Are On The Rise – And So Are Sales

Since the U.S. recession began, many folks have looked for ways to downsize, to cut costs, and conserve. All of this could explain the jump in sales of smaller, more fuel-efficient cars beginning in January of this year. Cutting vehicle costs creates a big reduction in those monthly bills, which is most likely why automakers saw a 7.6 percent increase …

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Google Joins NYC’s Initiative to Cut Emissions by 30%

Google, along with a handful of other high-profile companies, has announced that they will join New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is participating in the “Carbon Challenge,” an initiative to “cut greenhouse gases, improve air quality, and fight climate change.” Google has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from its NYC offices by at least 30%, and up to 40% …

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Electric Car Pollution Worse Than Gas?

Conventional wisdom tells us that berthing car exhaust is bad. It further tells us that electric cars would cut down on emissions and thus be better for the breathing population. But, some new studies focusing on China have brought up some challenging observations on that topic. What if electric cars were worse? How could that be? Findings from University of …

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