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President Obama’s Facebook Page Flooded By Egyptian Protesters President Obama’s Facebook Page Flooded By Egyptian Protesters
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In the past 24 hours, Egyptians have deluged U.S. President Barack Obama’s Facebook page with comments protesting a recent development in Egypt’s presidential elections. The outpouring of comments comes as a result of Egyptian presidential candidate Hazem Abu Ismail, who …

YouTube Launches Channel To Follow Burma Elections YouTube Launches Channel To Follow Burma Elections

Burma (or the Republic of the Union of Myanmar) is opening up its doors to the rest of the world and allowing media to take part in chronicling this year’s by-elections. On April 1st, millions will vote, and YouTube has …

Helvetica Use On Twitter Nearly Leads To Row Between U.S., Russia Helvetica Use On Twitter Nearly Leads To Row Between U.S., Russia

The comedic art of Twitter parody accounts is reliably known to have only a few rules: be funny, be crass, and – this according to Twitter – be obvious about being a parody. Regarding that last rule, the most one …

Richard Branson Puts Maldives President On Notice: Twitter Reactions
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Virgin founder, media tycoon, and fabulously haired billionaire Richard Branson penned an open letter to interim Maldives president Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik to express his shock upon finding out that Waheed was involved in the military coup that unseated the …

Twitter, Facebook Play ‘Modest Roles’ As Sources For Campaign News

Any estimations about how strongly the Internet would influence election results this year might have been greatly exaggerated, according to a new Pew study. As it turns out, only 25% of Americans are getting campaign news from the Internet and, …

Mitt Romney To Win Florida If We Go By Site Traffic

At this point, political pundits seems to think that the Florida Primary race is too close to call. The common belief is that either Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich will come in first, with Paul and Santorum somewhere behind that. …

Twitter Wins: Canada Changes Election Day Gag Law

It was November 4, 1980, Election Day in the United States. At 9:01 P.M. by the clock in the Oval Office, President Jimmy Carter called now President-elect Ronald Reagan and conceded the race to him graciously. His concession was announced …

Can Facebook Predict Election Outcomes? Can Facebook Predict Election Outcomes?
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It’s a fun game to try to predict the outcome of a future event – football games, NCAA tournaments, coin tosses. I can predict the judges’ scores on “Dancing With the Stars” with 90%+ accuracy. After doing it for several …

Google News Adds Election Section To Homepage Google News Adds Election Section To Homepage

Just a couple days after announcing their new Politics & Elections hub, Google is making another attempt to keep you apprised of all the breaking news surrounding the 2012 campaign. Google News now features an Elections section on its homepage …

OkCandidate Matches You With Hot, Single Presidential Candidates, Ready To Govern

At this relatively early stage in the election process, there are a lot of presidential candidates still left in the race. Although the Republican primary candidates have already held upwards of nine(ty) debates, some voters are still undecided about who …

GOP Candidates on Google+: Hangouts with Fox News Special Report

Social media has often been credited as a driving force behind President Obama’s campaign win, and obviously that’s not been lost on others trying to reach the White House. Republican presidential candidates are not only taking to social media, but …

Likester Launches New Social Platform for Analyzing Facebook Likes Likester Launches New Social Platform for Analyzing Facebook Likes

A couple of months ago, the Internet was blowing up about the hit show American Idol. This hype increased as global popularity engine Likester made predictions for the show through its Likester Idol technology. Likester was able to forecast who would be going home each week based on the number of Facebook Likes the contestants received both before and after their weekly performances.

Jon Huntsman Announces Candidacy, Creates Obligatory Twitter Account Jon Huntsman Announces Candidacy, Creates Obligatory Twitter Account
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It looks like the Republican Party has another candidate to consider this primary season, as Jon Huntsman has officially thrown his name in the mix and announced his candidacy. The former Governor of Utah and U.S. Ambassador to China under …

Watch the Election Results on YouTube

You can watch the elections on YouTube tonight if that is your preferred video hub or if you’re not near a television (though you can still watch them there from your TV if it’s connected). At 9PM, the CBS YouTube channel will stream the results live. 

Twitter Provides Election Info In a Variety of Ways

Twitter is pointing to some key accounts to follow to keep up with the conversation around the elections today. You can follow the Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party, or Libertarians.

Easily Find Local Election Info with Tools from Google

With the midterm elections taking place tomorrow, Google is highlighting some tools it offers to help voters make their decisions. This is not a new concept for Google, but it’s one that many may still find useful.

Google’s Election Center is available to users as an "experimental" service. It lets election officials provide data directly to Google for use in search tools. 

Inaugural Google Maps Mashups Everywhere
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Yesterday, we looked at different places around the Internet to get your inauguration coverage. Today Google is sharing a few Google Maps mashups that are out there.

The Google Government in 2008
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It has been a big year for Google in a number of capacities. The company constantly begins new projects, and many are ones that have a tremendous impact on users’ lives. Whether that be something as simple as allowing video chat in Gmail, tracking the flu virus, or helping to educate the young.

Digg’s Record Election Day Exposes Holes

As you may have read, Yahoo News was the number one site for traffic the night of the U.S. Presidential election. While they may have had the most traffic of anybody on the web, they were certainly not the only ones to experience record numbers. Digg, for example received the most traffic in the site’s history.. Unfortunately for some users, this led to problems using it.

Obama Gets Online Video
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Well, we know it’s important for businesses to be transparent online. This is one of the reasons often cited for running a corporate blog.

Why Yahoo News Was Number One on Election Night
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You may have heard that Yahoo News was the most popular site on the night of the United States Presidntial Election ten days ago. Now comScore has confirmed this along with some numbers for other sources making up the top five: