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Tag: Elections

Here’s Who Small Businesses Are Voting For, According to Yelp
Yelp recently released its first annual Small Business Pulse survey finding that most small businesses expect to have a good year in 2016. The company...
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Ashley Swearengin Loses Close California Controller Race
Fresno, California Mayor Ashley Swearengin lost a close race for California state controller on election day this week. Swearengin, a Republican, rece...
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Marijuana Legalization Was Facebook’s Most-Discussed Topic on Election Day
On Election Day, with hotly contested House, Senate, and Gubernatorial races happening all over the country, social media chatter was turned up to 11....
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Where Do I Vote? Google’s Election Day Doodle Answers That Question With Polling Place Lookup Box
You may be wondering, “Where do I vote?” Google knows this question is on many people’s minds across the United States today as the ...
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Twitter Launches 2014 Elections Hub with Curated Tweets and Data
As Twitter has done in the past with big events (both national and global), it has just launched a new activity hub for the 2014 elections. And while ...
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Obama Approval Rating Doesn’t Do Democrat Candidates Any Favors
A recent Rasmussen poll shows President Barack Obama’s approval rating numbers leave a lot to be desired. The numbers from the Rasmussen Daily Track...
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Angela Merkel Regrets Rise of Populism in EU
On Sunday, 21 of the 28 member-states of the European Union held votes for seats in the European Parliament, a vote which occurs every five years. The...
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Romney Shows Up At Sundance Premiere For Netflix’s ‘Mitt’
Mitt, the Netflix documentary following former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, premiered at Sundance over the weekend, and Romney himself made a s...
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Director Of Netflix’s ‘Mitt’ Amazed At How ‘Cheap’ Romney Is
While The Square is getting a lot of publicity this week for its Oscar nomination, another Netflix original documentary will debut next week on the 24...
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Bharatiya Janata Party Wins Big in India Elections
Yesterday, the ruling Congress Party in India was dealt a huge blow by losing four state elections in India. The more-liberal Congress Party, which ha...
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The Next Election May Be Funded By Bitcoin
Bitcoin is the currency of the future, or at least that’s what crypt-anarchists and futurist would have you believe. On the other hand, the gove...
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Televised Presidential Debates Do Matter, Shows Study
Ever since John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon appeared in a televised debate in 1960, TV debates have been powerful moments in U.S. presidential campai...
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Chris Christie Easily Wins Reelection in New Jersey
Republican governor Chris Christie won reelection last night, beating his opponent by getting a whopping 60 percent of the vote. State senator Barbara...
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Tony Abbott PM-elect party wins Australian elections
Australians learned election results Saturday and it was an overwhelming victory for the conservative opposition party. Early Sunday reports indicated...
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Ghana: President Mahama’s 2012 Victory Confirmed
“I’d always known that I was legitimately elected, and I knew that eventually justice will be served,” newly confirmed President of ...
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Hasan Rowhani To Replace Mahmoud Ahmadinejad As Iran’s President
Hasan Rowhani has won his election bid and will replace Mahmoud Amadinejad as president of Iran. Rowhani, a cleric backed by reformist groups within I...
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Here’s What Yahoo Is Doing For Election-Related Searches
Yahoo put out a blog post outlining the various things it is doing with its search results for election-related queries. If you search “2012 Pre...
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Sergey Brin To Election Victors: Withdraw From Your Parties, Become Independent
Google co-founder Sergey Brin had some thoughts about today’s presidential election, and shared them on Google+ last night. Here’s what he...
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“Where Do I Vote” Is Today’s Google Doodle Topic In The U.S.
Google is running an Election Day doodle in the U.S. today, as the nation works on electing its president for the next four years. The doodle this tim...
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The Electoral College Explained (In TED Video)
TED has put out a new video explaining the Electoral College, for those of you who would like to see how it works. It’s not a usual TED Talk-sty...
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