OkCandidate Matches You With Hot, Single Presidential Candidates, Ready To Govern

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At this relatively early stage in the election process, there are a lot of presidential candidates still left in the race. Although the Republican primary candidates have already held upwards of nine(ty) debates, some voters are still undecided about who they will throw their support behind when it's voting time.

A new site looks at choosing a political candidate like choosing a significant other. It's all about finding your perfect match.

OkCandidate uses the OkCupid matching algorithm to set you up with the candidate of your dreams. But instead of asking you questions about your ideal eye color, height, and favorite movies, OkCandidate asks you about hot-button political issues like abortion, gay marriage, and immigration.

In order to determine your political match from the nine options (President Obama and eight GOP contenders), OkCandidate asks you a few questions about each subject. The matching algorithm wants to know how you personally feel about the issue, what stances you would accept from a candidate and how important the issue is to you. You have the option to elaborate on your answer or skip an question that you don't want to respond to:


After about 10 or so questions, you'll receive a compatibility score for each person:


OkCandidate was developed during the NYTimes' 2011 TimesOpen Hack Day earlier this month.

Although it is suggested that voters do a little more research on their own regarding candidates' positions before making any final determinations, it is certainly fun to see what candidates you match well with, using an OkCupid algorithm. It also helps that we have such a wide array of handsome candidates to choose from. Well, mostly.

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