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Plastic Easter Eggs: 3 Ways To Reuse Them

Have you attended the yearly Easter egg hunt in your community and are now finding yourself with baskets of plastic eggs and nothing to do with them? Sure you could throw them away, but why not recycle and repurpose them. Here are 3 simple and easy ways to reuse plastic eggs. Decorating Plastic eggs make great Easter decorations and if …

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California Egg Law Is Met With Opposition

California has proposed a law set for 2015 that will regulate more stringent guidelines regarding the treatment of chickens. In order for farmers to qualify for selling eggs, space requirements must be met as well as other conditions such as not confining hens to cages. Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster has recently challenged this law and taken his concerns to …

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$120 Egg Sandwich Offered at Sydney Restaurant

An egg sandwich would rank pretty low in an ordered list of expensive sandwiches. One restaurant, however, has found a way to raise the price of an egg sandwich to over $100. According to a report in The Sunday Telegraph, a Sydney, Australia restaurant called 4Fourteen this week will be selling a $120 egg sandwich. It contains Australian bacon, a …

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Chicken Lays Giant Egg That Contains Another Egg

Just in time for Easter, the locals in Guizhou, China have been dumbfounded to encounter a chicken that is repeatedly laying monster-sized eggs. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that a woman in the Chinese village told reporters that her hen began laying the huge eggs last week, and has produced several of them. She stated that she feeds the …

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ESPN Throws Eggs At Megatron

ESPN uploaded a video to YouTube today in which star Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson (known to many as “Megatron”) tries to catch eggs as Sportscenter’s Lindsay Czarniak throws them to (at?) him. He’s better at catching footballs, but he does feel he has also earned the nickname “Eggatron”.

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