$120 Egg Sandwich Offered at Sydney Restaurant


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An egg sandwich would rank pretty low in an ordered list of expensive sandwiches. One restaurant, however, has found a way to raise the price of an egg sandwich to over $100.

According to a report in The Sunday Telegraph, a Sydney, Australia restaurant called 4Fourteen this week will be selling a $120 egg sandwich. It contains Australian bacon, a duck egg fried in truffle butter, roasted foie gras, aged cheddar, shaved truffle, semi-dried smoked gourmet truss tomato, and a crème fraîche and caviar dressing, all on a brioche roll.

The sandwich will be available only during this week. The sandwich was unveiled at a breakfast Monday morning at 4Fourteen, hosted by Australian celebrity chef and 4Fourteen owner Colin Fassnidge. A 4Fourteen chef named Carla Jones told the Telegraph that she expects people to order the sandwich out of curiosity, though she might not eat it herself because she is "not that into truffles."

The egg sandwich is actually part of "Bacon Week" - a celebration of Australian pork. Events promoting locally-produced pork will be held throughout Australia this week. The organization Australian Pork Limited (APL) has issued a challenge to other Australian chefs to create a bacon and egg roll to rival 4Fourteen's.