Plastic Easter Eggs: 3 Ways To Reuse Them


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Have you attended the yearly Easter egg hunt in your community and are now finding yourself with baskets of plastic eggs and nothing to do with them? Sure you could throw them away, but why not recycle and repurpose them. Here are 3 simple and easy ways to reuse plastic eggs.

Plastic eggs make great Easter decorations and if you save them every year, you will have enough to decorate your entire home or yard. Add the eggs to a long piece of yarn one at a time to create an Easter egg garland that can be used to line fences, frame doors and windows or hung on walls inside your home to add a touch of spring to your house for the Easter holiday. You can also tie a piece of string to each egg and hang them on the branches of the small trees in your yard.

In The Kitchen
Save a few of the leftover plastic eggs and add them to your kitchen drawers. You can use the eggs as Jello molds, ice cube molds or use them to mold marshmallow treats and even fondant. You may find yourself using the plastic eggs for future Easter parties and dinners or for other occasions. The eggs are easy to wash and safe to use with food.

In The Garden
Have you ever wished there was a way to fill up your above ground flowerbeds or large flower pots without having to buy so many bags of potting soil? Use your extra plastic eggs to fill them instead. By adding the eggs to the pots or beds, you can take up a lot of the empty space and then top them with a lesser amount of potting soil. You can also use the eggs as molds to make bird and squirrel treats.

Before you throw out all of those unwanted eggs, think of other ways you can use them. Do you have any other uses for plastic Easter eggs?

Image via Wikimedia Commons