Chicken Lays Giant Egg That Contains Another Egg


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Just in time for Easter, the locals in Guizhou, China have been dumbfounded to encounter a chicken that is repeatedly laying monster-sized eggs.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that a woman in the Chinese village told reporters that her hen began laying the huge eggs last week, and has produced several of them. She stated that she feeds the chicken rice, as opposed to her other chickens, which get corn. When the first massive egg was laid, she told reporters, she thought the hen was dying.

The eggs reportedly weigh over twice as much as normal eggs. It's easy to see why. In the video below the woman and friends crack one of the eggs for cameras, showing that it holds two yolks and an entire other egg within its shell. The nested egg's yolk brings the total to three yolks - enough for a proper omelette.