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Jane Fonda: Not Afraid of Dying and Still Into Sex

Actress Jane Fonda’s career has spanned four decades and has had plenty of ups and downs. Fonda’s acting career exploded as she took the role of 60s sex symbol Barbarella, and she quickly became famous for her anti-war activism, her workout tapes, and her three marriages (including one to media mogul Ted Turner). While looking back on her turbulent life, …

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ePrognosis.org Can Predict Your Life Expectancy

If you’re one of the many that has Googled information on disease and/or symptoms in search of explanation for what may be ailing you, you probably found out that you are dying of every horrific illness ever. Probably tomorrow. Necrotizing fasciitis? Got it. Cornelia de Lange syndrome? Got it. Rabies? Got it. Werner syndrome? Got it. Brocha’s aphasia? Got it. …

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