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Selfie In Front Of A Train? That’s A Paddlin’

It was a delightful afternoon, Michael thought. Taking selfies with equipment he bought. So he stood by a train, which caused him some pain. “My face did the boot it did caught.” Enter Doofus McGee, AKA Jared Michael. In the YouTube video you see above, in the description box, Michael typed: “I tried to take a selfie while a train …

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Dumb Starbucks: Entrepreneuring Spoof

“I’d like a dumb venti mocha latte. And throw in one of those ‘Dumb Jazz Standards’ CDs. And some dumb mints, for my dumb coffee breath. ” So go the orders at a new coffee shop in Los Feliz, Calif.: Dumb Starbucks. The store opened Friday to great excitement, including a dumb line that took customers over an hour get …

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Pink Fan Arrested for ‘Bomb’ Tweet Before Concert, Turns Out to Be Song Reference

Be careful what you tweet – you know, that 140-character limit oftentimes forces you to get creative. Just make sure that you double check your tweets to make sure they couldn’t be construed to mean something that you didn’t intend. Basically, try to avoid tweeting the words “bomb” and “blow up” right before you’re set to attend a giant concert. …

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