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Bindi Irwin Wants Teens To Dress Their Age

Bindi Irwin, the daughter of the late Steve Irwin who was killed in 2006 by a stingray barb, is constantly advocating for something. Whether it be animal rights or human overpopulation, Bindi is known for taking a strong stance on the issues and voicing her opinions. Now, Bindi has set her sights on a new problem and is hoping to …

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Target Dress: Apology Issued For “Manatee” Size Tag

Though a majority of Americans are now overweight and are predicted to get larger in the coming years, those who are overweight still have to contend with body image issues on a daily basis. While the magazine section at the grocery store is well-known to be a place where body issues will be confronted, a department store is generally not …

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Angry Birds Dress Worn By Rovio CEO’s Wife at Finnish State Dinner

Angry Birds, I’m pretty sure everyone reading this has at the very least heard of the game. The mobile gaming hit has been downloaded millions upon millions of times. Yet, I’m pretty sure there’s only one of this dress. Not only is there one, but it was worn during the Finnish Independence Day celebration at the Finnish Presidential Palace. Think …

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