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Google Adds Features To DoubleClick For Publishers

Google announced that it is launching internal redirects to DoubleClick for Advertisers, custom creatives and mobile data transfer features to DoubleClick for Publishers. Publishers can use internal redirects when delivering a DFA campaign from DFP, “reducing impression loss, improving ad load times and minimizing the administrative overhead of reconciliation,” Google says. “Custom creatives are useful for delivering bespoke creatives developed …

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Google Launches Audience Extension in Doubleclick For Publishers

Google announced the launch of the Audience Extension feature in DoubleClick for Publishers “Audience extension enables you to reach your audience across other publishers, bundle these impressions with your own inventory, and resell those packages to your direct advertisers at a premium,” explains business product manager Sean Harvey in a blog post. “Audience extension inventory comes from the vast pool …

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DoubleClick For Publishers API Custom Fields Explained

Google recently released a new version of its DoubleClick for Publishers API. One of the more interesting features of the new version was the addition of custom fields. This new feature allows users to include “additional information on DFP entities without having to implement data persistence in your own system.” Since it’s a new feature, some people might not be …

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Google Releases New Version Of The Doubleclick For Publishers API

It’s been a week since a new API release, and I was just starting to get bored without having any new announcements. Google is the cure to my boredom with the release of version 201204 of the Doubleclick for Publishers API. It brings one new addition, a few changes and a retiring of three older versions. The first change for …

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Google DFP API Gets New Features

Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers offers small businesses “a free hosted ad serving solution” that helps them manage their “growing online advertising business.” The DFP API

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