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Donkey Cutts Is Donkey Kong With Matt Cutts

Somebody has made a Donkey Kong game with Matt Cutts as the ape. It’s called, appropriately, Donkey Cutts. In the game, social signals increase your rank, and you get ten points for jumping over penguins and pandas, or lose the points if they get you. You can also gain points for “awesome content,” and more links and shares. Penalties can …

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Donkey Kong Goes Full 3D At Nintendo Event

Nintendo recently held an event for Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D that allowed people to play the game before it launched. That wasn’t all though as Nintendo also decided to terrorize small children when the life-sized DK himself burst through a promotional poster. Donkey Kong can be a pretty intimidating fellow it seems. He even made some of the adults …

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Nintendo 3DS eShop Gets A Number Of Unique Titles This Spring

The Nintendo eShop for 3DS has been a bastion of creativity and innovation since it first launched in 2011. Nintendo’s own studios have created a number of unique titles for the service that don’t conform to the conventions set by their big budget releases. That focus on innovative titles will continue with the next wave of eShop titles hitting the …

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