Nintendo 3DS eShop Gets A Number Of Unique Titles This Spring

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The Nintendo eShop for 3DS has been a bastion of creativity and innovation since it first launched in 2011. Nintendo's own studios have created a number of unique titles for the service that don't conform to the conventions set by their big budget releases. That focus on innovative titles will continue with the next wave of eShop titles hitting the service.

During its Nintendo Direct this morning, the company announced that HarmoKnight, Kersploosh!, and Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move would be coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop this spring.

The first is HarmoKnight, a rhythm platformer from Game Freak. The developer has taken time off of working on the Pokemon franchise to make this unique platformer that bears a striking resemblance to Bit.Trip Runner. It's just as, if not more, charming than Gaijin Game's effort, and features some stellar tunes if the trailer is any indication. With this being GameFreak, the game will also feature some Pokemon music crossovers that's sure to delight fans of the franchise.

HarmoKnight will be available on the eShop on March 28.

The second is a far more "interesting" title called Kersploosh! In this game, the player controls a rock that's been thrown down a well. The player will have to maneuver the rock on its way down to avoid obstacles as it makes its way to the water at the bottom. It's certainly unique, and could very well be a really fun title.

Finally, Nintendo showed off the latest game in its Mario and Donkey Kong series called Minis on the Move. Much like the previous titles, the game is focused on solving puzzles as Mario leads miniature versions of himself to the exit while avoiding hazards.

Go here for more news from this morning's Nintendo Direct.

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