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Mastodon Tooth Found In Donation Box

In The Image is an organization in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is devoted to the business of helping others. Clothes, shoes, and other daily living necessities have been donated in the past. However, an unusual find was recently discovered inside the store’s donation box. The tooth of a mastodon, or as children might know it a creature similar to that …

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Arthritis, It’s Time To Get Serious

Sufferers of arthritis, the disease referring to inflamation of the joints, will be happy to hear some good news that has recently been released from the Canadian organization, The Arthritis Society. As the largest non-government funded organization in Canada responsible for research into arthritis, The Arthritis Society, has pledged to donate over $4.5 million in order to further research the …

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Shailene Woodley Cuts and Donates Hair

“The Secret Life of the American Teenager” star, Shailene Woodley, has cut off her long brunette hair and has gone blonde for her upcoming role in “The Fault in Our Stars”. 21-year-old, Woodley made the choice to cut off her beautiful locks and decided to donate them to Children With Hair Loss, an organization that donates wigs to children who …

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Kentucky College Receives $250 Million

Ranked as one of the top 20 largest donations in U.S. history to a college or university was a 250 million dollar donation. It was awarded to Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. The gift was received from the A. Eugene Brockman Charitable Trust. Centre College located in a small picturesque town in Kentucky is ranked 52nd nationally among liberal arts …

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Tucker Max Says No to PETA’s Request For Donation

Planned Parenthood may have declined the sizable donation Tucker Max offered them after Texas legislature cut off Medicaid Funds to the program, but PETA certainly has no quibbles about taking the $500,000 donation. The controversial author has been criticized for talking about women in a degrading manner in his books, and has made offensive remarks about Planned Parenthood on Twitter. …

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China Phasing Out Prisoner Organ Donation

In a effort to prompt more free citizens to donate, China will phase out executed prisoner organ donation over the next five years, according to a top health official. China, who executes far more prisoners than any other nation, apparently pressures the condemned to donate, according to civil rights groups. The Chinese government asserts that the prisoners volunteer, and that …

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