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Elisabeth Moss Wouldn’t Give Up ‘Mad Men’ Ending, Even When Jesse Tyler Ferguson Begged

Elisabeth Moss wouldn’t think of giving away the series finale of Mad Men–not even when Jesse Tyler Ferguson begged her to at the Lucille Lortel Awards. The two served as presenters at the event on Friday. Long revered for her Mad Men role as Peggy Olson, Elisabeth Moss is just one of the actors who has kept fans on their …

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Jennifer Westfeldt Kept ‘Mad Men’s’ Jon Hamm in Line

Jennifer Westfeldt has long been Mad Men star Jon Hamm’s girlfriend. What many likely didn’t know, however, is that she has long kept the actor in line as well. A source recently told People magazine how Jennifer Westfeldt has brought him much stability. “He needs [Jennifer],” the source explained. “He has to have that in his life.” Westfeldt recently weighed …

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Neve Campbell Talks About “Mad Men” Makeover

Neve Campbell surprised Mad Men fans on Sunday night with an appearance on Don Draper’s plane, and the surprise was a good one. The Scream star played a sexy passenger on the flight who happens to be seated next to our favorite womanizer, and the role was one we haven’t seen her play before: bold, flirtatious, and seductive. For Campbell, …

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Mad Men: The Real Rolling Stones Jingle

Business Insider raised an interesting point about last night’s episode of Mad Men. In the episode Don Draper tries to get The Rolling Stones to sing a jingle for Heinz Baked Beans titled “Heinz is on My Side.” This sounds a bit ridiculous, but it isn’t far from the truth. On the show, Draper tells a fan the Stones did …

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Don Draper’s World vs. The World of 2012

Don Draper lives in a world where you could enjoy a smoke and scotch in your office. A world where a Cadillac Coupe DeVille and sharp fedora was the epitome of class. A world where men were men and women were too. But it turns out smoking and a lax definition of sexual harassment may not be the only things …

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