Twitter Goes DMARC To Fight Phishing

Twitter Goes DMARC To Fight Phishing

By Chris Crum February 21, 2013

Over a year ago, fifteen major companies joined forces to create DMARC, a “technical working group” to develop antiphishing standards. The companies were: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo, PayPal (eBay), Bank of America, Fidelity Investments, American Greetings, Agari, Cloudmark, …

Will Google’s dMarc Debacle Hurt Future Deals?

Word came out last weekend that brothers Chad and Ryan Steelberg, who founded radio advertising company dMarc and then sold it to Google, have left Google just a year after the deal. Google bought dMarc for $102 million, with as much as $1.13 billion extra coming if certain revenue targets were met.

Google, dMarc Founders Part Ways

Usually when we talk about Google and personnel, it’s to report that the company has hired yet another big name, and it’s more than likely a major defection from a rival company.

Google To Restructure, Add AdSense For Audio

It’s funny how a whisper can sometimes push a hurricane; expect one to swirl up by Monday. The rumor, as was whispered into the ear of a DM News reporter, is that Google is about to undergo a major corporate restructuring just as they prepare to release AdSense for Audio.

Google TV Ad Partner: Guess Who?

New domains registered by Google may indicate the company is a step closer to offering its AdWords clients the opportunity to place advertisements on television programs. We’re going to suggest the first network that will try them on its channel.

Google, XM Partner On Radio Ads

Google will finally give its dMarc acquisition a workout as it disclosed an agreement with XM Radio to provide targeted advertising to its listeners.

FTC OKs Google dMarc Buy

Antitrust concerns about Google’s acquisition of radio advertising firm dMarc Broadcasting did not prevent the FTC from approving the deal, but the road ahead may be a rocky one for Google on the radio dial.

Two Analysts Raise Google Concerns

After a year-plus of nearly continuous share price increases matched by equally lofty financial reports, a couple of stock market analysts think it’s time to sell Google investments.

Google Plays AdWords On The Radio

The search advertising company purchased dMarc Broadcasting, a digital solutions provider for the radio industry, for $102 million cash and potentially as much as $1.136 billion over the next three years.

Google Adwords Coming to a Radio Near You

Hot off the press! Google has acquired dMarc technology for $102 million in cash and plans to integrate into the Google AdWords platform, creating a new radio ad distribution channel for Google advertisers.